New Upgraded Substation Monitor From Kamstrup Enables Easy Smart Grid Entry

Integration with Horstmann ComPass B and SCADA systems adds new potency to Kamstrup substation monitoring.

A new version of the secondary substation monitoring RTU, UtiliKeeper®, now offers integration with Horstmann's short circuit indicator and with SCADA systems making substation control and fault location in medium-voltage distribution networks easier and quicker.

Integration with Horstmann ComPass B short circuit/earth fault Directional Indicator

The new release of Kamstrup's 'all-in-one-box' substation monitor, UtiliKeeper® V2.3, supports the Horstmann ComPass B short circuit/earth fault Directional Indicator. Connecting a ComPass B instrument to a UtiliKeeper mounted in a secondary substation substantially facilitates fault location in medium-voltage distribution networks.

Kamstrup Smart Grid Product Manager, Henrik Baek Joergensen, explains the usefulness of the new functionalities: "If a tree falls over an overhead line and causes a short-circuit, the two UtiliKeepers® in the substations on either side will send an alarm containing substation ID and direction either via SMS, e-mail or directly into the SCADA system, so that targeted repair can be initiated immediately."

Sales Engineer, Hendrik Benzenberg, from Horstmann adds to this: "The system solution of Kamstrup and Horstmann is successfully integrated in the utility medium voltage grid. The important grid parameters and events are continuously and remotely monitored. This solution can be used in new as well as in retrofit installations. The combination of the significant features and high quality products fulfill the high expectations of the utilities."

SCADA-integration approved by EB Nett

UtiliKeeper® already supports the IEC60870-5-104 protocol making it possible for SCADA systems to receive alarms directly from the UtiliKeepers® and also to control the relay ports in UtiliKeeper® directly from SCADA.

As a new feature in V2.3 was added the ability to configure each pair of digital input ports as either 2 single indicators or 1 double indicator. Norwegian utility EB Nett AS has successfully tested this functionality at a substation at Moen in Norway. "We installed UtiliKeeper®, connected it to two breakers and to our control centre over fiber and can now very easily remotely control the two breakers connected to UtiliKeeper® directly from our ABB Compass SCADA system," explains Operational Engineer, Thor Helge Skaug from EB Nett AS.

UtiliKeeper® is a Kamstrup OMNIA Smart Grid component that provides near real-time monitoring of secondary substations in a self-contained "everything in one box"-solution. UtiliKeeper® collects data down to every second from sensors in the substations, providing a complete picture of substation operating conditions and grid load. Integrated logger, alarm and web server technology enables information delivery to multiple recipients as events dictate. E.g. alarms via e-mail or SMS to operational staff or directly into an enterprise SCADA system.

"Monitoring of the low and medium voltage substations continues to be on the top of many utilities' Smart Grid wish list. Getting in control of the secondary substations is one of the important bricks in this puzzle," explains International Sales Manager at Kamstrup, Dan Lund. "With the new integration possibilities, the UtiliKeeper® meets important requirements from utilities and remains an important Smart Grid component in Kamstrup's OMNIA-Suite.

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