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New Tohnichi LC3-G Digital Torque Wrench Checker Now with Judgment Function

Line Checker Model L3-G is ideal for spot checking torque wrenches near the assembly line prior to use.

Model LC3-G digital torque wrench checker is the newest version torque testing equipment designed especially for click torque wrenches. Robust body design and simple straight forward operating procedures make this ideal for checking torque wrenches near the assembly line prior to use.

As part of a quality system, LC3-G confirms torque wrench settings prior to use so users can verify that the torque wrench is working properly and is set correctly. Confirming torque settings before assembly work increases product quality. The new judgment function makes it easy to confirm if the torque wrench is within the accuracy percentage requirement or hi/lo parameters set for the wrench. Now there is no calculating required, the tester will make the judgment and confirm with blue or red lights that wrench has met the torque setting requirement or not. Data is stored with a time and date stamp, which can then be downloaded to an Excel file. Excel Receiver software is included free with the purchase of a cable.

Upgraded features include expanded memory for 1000 data storage, improved resolution, USB B type port for easy downloading (#385 Cable sold separately) and 10 selectable pre-programmed hi/lo judgments with color display indicators (OK:Blue, NG: Red).

With an accuracy of +/- 1% of indicated value, the LC3-G confirms torque setting for torque wrenches in multiple units of measure including cNm, Nm.,, kgf.m., and lbf.ft.

Available in four model sizes: LC20N3-G, LC200N3-G, LC1000N3-G and LC1400N3-G. Standard accessories include a set of adapters to check different size square drives and open end head wrenches. Optional accessories sold separately are: downloading cables with Excel Receiver software, printer, and external battery pack. Visit: for complete product details.

Tohnichi Mfg.Co.Ltd has been producing a wide variety of innovative torque tools and measuring equipment since 1949. For further information contact Tohnichi America, 677 Academy Drive Northbrook, IL USA, Phone: 1.847.272.8480, Fax: 1.847.272.8714 Email: or visit their website at

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