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New Swingers and Alternative Lifestyle Community Is Quickly Becoming the Fastest Growing in the Industry.

Like a secret society, Swingers identify themselves to each other with "Do you know SAL?" or "We are friends of SAL" No more wondering if a couple or single is Vanilla or involved in the swingers lifestyle.

According to statistics, in the U.S. there are over 4 million swingers or those involved with Alternative Lifestyle. This means that 1 out of every 75 people are involved. These numbers reflect the just how fast this community is growing.

To accommodate many if the community members, a couple that has been involved with the Lifestyle for many years has launched SALS NETWORK. SAL stands for Swingers & Alternative Lifestyles.

Their website is now live soon and offers members only the best the Lifestyle has to offer from easy to edit profiles complete with pics and video, live chat with video, hot dates, contests, membership cards that offers discounts to many clubs, events, travel, clothing, jewelry, and the recognition as being one of SAL's Friends. SAL will also be holding events such as Hotel Takeover parties, Meet & Greets and swinger's school. A new phone app, which is still in production, will allow members to actively search in their area for those looking to meet. A unique concept that is similar to Google Places or maps complete with red pin cushions, that when tapped, will display the members profile and short description of what they are searching for.

SAL's administration states that they have been researching & developing their site plans for years. They say that, like themselves, they are tired of signing up for various sites that offer some of this and none of that. They asked themselves, "Why can't there be one site that offers it all?" So they decided to take the best of all sites and combine them into one, but offering much more for their members.

Many times lifestyle members pass others who attract them and often wonder, "Are they in the lifestyle?" Now a simple question, "Do you know SAL" or "Are you a friend of SAL?" will fill that void. A simple affirmative response will confirm their suspicion and break the ice for an introduction.
You can visit their website at or visit their Facebook page at

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