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New Super Durable Speed Trailer Dramatically Improves Usability of Portable Radar Speed Signs

Breakthrough Design Of New SpeedCheck DuraTrailerâ„¢ From Information Display Company Increases Service Life Of Trailer - Makes Transport And Setup Simple

Information Display Company, a leading manufacturer of quality radar speed signs and other traffic displays, today unveiled the SpeedCheck DuraTrailer, a speed display trailer that sets new standards in durability, portability and ease of use. The result of a complete rethinking of traditional speed trailer design, the new DuraTrailer represents the first significant breakthrough in radar speed trailer construction in more than twenty years.

Completely MUTCD and NHTSA compliant, the SpeedCheck DuraTrailer offers a variety of new design features that address the durability and ease-of-use concerns typically associated with other speed trailers. The DuraTrailer's unique high-strength one-piece molded cover, hot-dip-galvanized frame and high grade wiring harness ensure decades of rust-free, trouble free service. Its lightweight construction and distributed balance design makes the speed trailer simple to maneuver and easy to setup.

"We've found that DOT and Police Departments often don't get the safety improvements they hoped for with other trailers simply because they are too difficult to use and are therefore left back in the warehouse rather than deployed on site," said Gary ODell, president of Information Display Company. "The DuraTrailer's light tongue weight and simple setup design features makes deployment a no-brainer, encouraging day-to-day use, even for short-term projects."

The SpeedCheck DuraTrailer's distinctive offset design and high mounted sign increases its effectiveness by maximizing the display's visibility. Its very low body profile eliminates the dangers associated with traditional speed trailers that hide pedestrians and workers from the view of approaching drivers.

Once on the job, the DuraTrailer's batteries can keep a radar speed sign or other traffic display running for up to eight weeks without a recharge.

The SpeedCheck DuraTrailer is designed to work with any SpeedCheck radar speed sign, variable speed limit sign or intelligent information sign from Information Display Company. It is the only speed trailer system that allows users to quickly change from one sign type to another or switch signs between the speed trailer, portable stand or fixed pole mounting.

The SpeedCheck DuraTrailer is just the latest innovation from Information Display Company, a company focused on and dedicated to designing and manufacturing the most effective, high-quality traffic-management technology on the market. Their SpeedCheck radar speed signs are used in more U.S. cities than any other brand. For more information about the SpeedCheck DuraTrailer or other products from Information Display Company, call (800) 421-8325 or visit their website at

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