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New Study Proves Cigarette Smokers Have 90% Chance To Be Diagnosed With COPD, How Do You Know If It's Already Too Late?

Recent studies have shown that smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of COPD. This disease sneaks up on smokers and by the time they are diagnosed with it, the damage has already been done.

Smokers are all too familiar of the risks when it comes to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Smoking is the main cause of lung disease and emphysema but now there is a new threat to smokers called COPD. The definition of COPD is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

With the increase of smokers being diagnosed with COPD, the director of relations of Solar Cigarette has reached out to The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) in an attempt to help smokers quit smoking tobacco cigarettes with the use of their smokeless electronic cigarettes that will not only help them avoid COPD symptoms but to also help them live a healthier life without being tied down to tobacco cigarettes.

This disease effects the lungs of smokers by restricting airflow to and from the lungs making it much harder for smokers to breathe. Most common symptoms are shortness of breath and extreme coughing. Smokers are finding out that the toxic chemicals and carcinogens that are found in tobacco cigarettes are doing considerable damage to their internal organs most commonly their lungs but unfortunately, smokers are finding out that they are suffering from COPD after the damage has already been done.

Studies have shown that 9 out of 10 people who smoke over a pack of cigarettes a day are almost guaranteed to develop COPD. This is a 90% chance that smokers will be diagnosed with this terrible disease. This study proves that all smokers, need to quit smoking or find a safer alternative before it is too late.

Over 90% of smokers try to quit smoking but end up falling off the wagon because the nicotine cravings are so overwhelming. These smokeless cigarettes give smokers the same sensation of smoking tobacco cigarettes but without all of the deadly chemicals and poisons and tar that have been linked to COPD and other lung diseases.

The Solar Cigarettes are also helping smokers lose weight after they have given up the habit by the use of the patent pending vitamin and mineral packs. These vitamin packs supply the smoker with the vitamins that have been stolen from their body by the use of tobacco cigarettes in the past.

These smokeless cigarettes are very beneficial to smokers not only to improve their health and prevent weight gain, but also to help anyone who has smoked cigarettes in the past limit their risks of developing COPD symptoms.

Read the Story Below on How Smoking Cigarettes Increases Your Chances To Develop COPD By 90%=======

"The majority of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) cases can be traced directly back to one culprit: smoking. As many as 9 out of 10 cases of COPD are due to smoking cigarettes."

"Smoking cigarettes leads to changes in your cells that cause swelling and inflammation in your airways and lungs. This gradually leads to a loss of lung function. COPD can be a stealthy disease: Because the lungs have so much capacity, it can take a long time before you notice the damage, usually in the form of shortness of breath."

"These damaging changes cannot be reversed, although quitting smoking reduces the amount of inflammation that occurs, so quitting as soon as you know you have COPD helps you stay healthier than if you continued to smoke. In fact, the most important step a smoker can take after getting a COPD diagnosis is to quit."

"Not only will it make breathing easier, but it will cut down on the risk of severe exacerbations (episodes when symptoms get worse). People who have been longtime or heavy smokers are at increased risk for severe exacerbations."

Read the full report at: Smokers Seek Safer A Alternative To Smoking Due To The Rise Of COPD Deaths


The head of Solar Cigarette has put together a 14 day trial package for smokers who are trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes for good and also help them keep the weight off after they have quit smoking with their patent pending vitamin packs which provides smokers with vitamins and minerals to promote health and wellness while they are smoking these smokeless cigarettes.

The 2nd generation smokeless cigarettes are now available to the public who would like improve their way of life without having to be tied down to tobacco cigarettes and the expensive taxes to obtain them.

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