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New Solution for Eliminating Litter

Non-profit organization,, announces a new solution that removes litter and prevents it from coming back.

Have you looked around your neighborhood lately, and noticed all that unsightly litter? Not only does it look terrible, it blows into our water systems and destroys the environment.

Through their campaign, publishes data on the litter they collect. Their findings are displayed online through web charts provided by web development firm Their data reveals which brands and products are littered most and where.

Apart from being easily shared on social media, what's unique about the charts is they enable viewers to interact and create their own custom reports for greater insight. Based on the results, a Litter Report and blogs will be published so Hamilton residents can share their ideas and co-create preventative measures.

Linda Lannigan, founder of Fix Our World says, "Together we will fix our world, because it all starts in our own backyard." Further, she passionately claims "If we believe, we will achieve." Founder of Predictable Results, Derek Little adds, "for results you can count on, information, tools and insight are essential."

Fix Our World has been helping the Hamilton community for the past nine years. They launched their annual Fix Our World Festival in Hamilton after creating a banner that gained thousands of signatures in support of the 2005 Live 8 Make Poverty History Concert in Barrie.

In collaboration with The City of Hamilton and Tim Horton's, Street Team Cleanup launched their Youth School Challenge on April 1st 2014 for schools in the Hamilton area. Prizes will be awarded to the school that collects the most litter. The most recent update of the School Challenge Leaderboard can be viewed at:

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