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New Soil Stabilization Product to Help South American Countries Develop Roads More Efficiently

After many years of helping North American countries improve their roads with the aid of soil stabilization, SCI will be taking their highly acclaimed road base stabilizer to South America to aid those developing nations in producing long lasting roa

Austin Texas, March 5th, 2010

Soils Control International Today announced that after many years of enhancing the roads of North America, that their highly acclaimed product Top-Seal will now be readily available in many South American countries to assist in the push for developing infrastructure. The first shipments of SCI's road base and liquid soil stabilizerwill start heading to South America in early March of 2010.

Many roads are built on soils that are incapable of supporting the driving surface for an extended period of time. You can easily tell when a road has been built on a low grad base, fro those roads are prone to develop pot holes and cracks. The Premature failure of these roads is not only costly with regards to the needs for rework, but also with regards to the interruption of efficient travel along that road. SCI's soil stabilization product is capable of turning a material, that would be considered marginal, into a soil strong enough to out last many of the most desired road base materials. In many South American communities, sourcing a material that will work best for the road base is often very costly. SCI's liquid soil stabilizer is able to help by allowing the road developers to utilize local materials, yet still have an extremely durable road.

"When you consider the cost of replacing a strip of soil, 14 feet wide by 18 inches deep and hundreds of kilometers long, you start to realize the cost and logistics problems involved. With our stabilizer we are able to leave the soil in place and simply treat it using a standard water truck." said Mr. Jackson President of Soils Control. "The cost saving for these customers is extremely high when you add it all up, and we are proud to be part of it."

The SCI's South American Liquid Soil Stabilizer is available now to be shipped to all countries in South America. For more information and shipping arrangements, Soils Control International

Accredited media interested in scheduling an interview to discuss this press release in more detail are encouraged to contact Tristan Weer, Soils Control International 01-254-526-5550

Soils Control International has been in the dust control and soil stabilization business for almost a quarter of a century. The majority of their operations have been with governments of third world countries trying to make lives better for their citizens via road dust control and road base stabilization. SCI has developed dust control and soil stabilization products that has revolutionized the industry.

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