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New Social Media Platform With Video Dating!

The It Factor Dating Community; is a new social media platform that allows the end user more flexibility and control for matching with people including Video Dates!.

Nationally Virtual: As if there weren't enough dating websites right? Well, this one is "It!" The It Factor Dating Communities: is a social media platform that rivals Facebook and Twitter for singles! No more hiding in Mom's basement, or hiding from the spouse! Combining the best of both, allows greater flexibility for the end user. In this time of heightened awareness, it also provides the limiting of old or inconsistent information because a 5-minute live Video Date option is possible.

Paying members can upload video, music and pictures on their own profile pages, create public or private groups to share information with others, add friends to view their wall and post information, search using @username technology as well as matching criteria. All this at a price point of $9.95/month The It Factor is Less than half of the more popular dating sites like Zoosk ($20.00/month) and ($29.95/month - less with plans).

Owner and creator Wayne Kendrick tells of how The It Factor came to be: "I was on-line and corresponding with someone I thought was pretty special. It turned out that she was nothing like her pictures, profile or background. It was troubling to me, so I thought I could add an advantage." Kendrick continues; "The video-date is a great and current concept. It allows you to have virtual coffee, as opposed to a face to face with someone. I believe you can tell chemistry within the first 5 minutes of meeting. Video gives you the same 5 minutes, without risk."

The It Factor Dating Communities has 4 different segments Heterosexual, GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender), Seniors and Black Tie (a different level of services for a wealthier segment of the market). All members can join for free for 2-weeks and are encouraged to do so to assist in testing the site. The It Factor Dating Communities welcomes everyone!

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