Mason Duchatschek releases his newest book called "Attract, Capture and Convert."

Mason Duchatschek, keynote speaker and founder of the social media marketing and video production company "Buildatribe LLC.," describes how both legitimate critics and subversive competitors create online reputation management problems for businesses in his new book. In "Attract, Capture & Convert: 89 Simple Ways Entrepreneurs Make Money Online (& Offline) Using Social Media & Web Marketing Strategy," Duchatschek explains how this happens to people every day and reveals the secrets of reducing the damage.

In his book, Duchatschek highlights the specifics of an online marketing strategy built for people and organizations needing to protect their good names online and diminish the havoc created by active critics and subversive competitors lacking ethics. "People believe a lot of what they read online and that can be an advantage or an obstacle to the growth of an organization," Duchatschek said. "When it's done correctly, there are even ways to transform online adversaries into advocates."

Blogs and access to lots of active Internet consumers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ make it simple for individuals to destroy good reputations and sales revenues of both small and large organizations from almost anywhere in the world. "When a disgruntled customer writes about their bad experience online, it's there for everybody to read, including a company's potential customers," he said. "When consumers see hateful things being written about a potential product or service vendor on the Internet, many aren't willing to invest the time necessary to discover the truth and they just move on."

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