Mr President

New Satirical Smartphone Game Hitting Google Android Market. Probably The Craziest Game of 2014.

Show North Korea, Syria or Iran who's the real boss. Mr President is a never seen shooting game, allowing you to take control of international negotiation in a very unique way!

Mr President redefines the words "having fun" in portable video gaming...Let's be honest, how many times in your life will you be able to play with Barack Obama and kick the North Korean leader's a** with the power of one finger? Probably never!

Mr President put you in control of the next level of political negotiation. Pick the President, or political figure, of your choice and go punish your counterpart around the world. Your secret weapon: A single finger that you shoot to aim at the butt of your opponent! But be careful, the enemy is full of surprise, and it is more likely that they will try to take you down first by using their massive destruction weapon: By taking a dump on you!

So try to avoid the falling poop and become the first politician avenger!

Mr President is a shooting game putting your aiming and reaction skills to the crappiest test.


• 3 different games mode

- Time attack: Kick some ass as fast as possible to gain the maximum points

- Challenge mode: Travel the world on 10 different levels to wipe some dirty butt

- Marathon: Get ready for the endurance mode of the game, teasing your opponent as long as you can while avoiding its crap.

• Incredible 2D cartoon graphics & animation of President and political figures from all around the world

• 20 characters to play with

• Achievements: Unlock 15 of the 20 characters and discover surprising characters along the way!

• Increasing difficulty: The longer you play, the harder it gets.

• A never seen game concept!

• You can finally play Barack Obama and show Syria who is in control!

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