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New Rigid TPEs from Elastocon Ideally Suited for Mechanical Lock/Snap Fit Applications

Marketers and product designers looking for a rigid thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) can now find it with the newest formulation for Elastocon TPE Technologies. Suggested applications include auto trim rings or soft rubbery-feel plastic components.

Marketers and product designers looking for a rigid thermoplastic elastomer for products like auto trim rings or soft rubbery-feel plastic components that can be snapped onto metal appliance parts can now find it with the new Elastocon 9050 grade TPE. The American-owned and operated firm formulates, manufacturers and ships numerous series of TPEs from its mid-western facilities near Chicago.

Formulated for applications such as rubber feel snap fit parts or to provide a mechanical lock such as a trim ring around dashboard screens or console shifts for easy removal for service, the new 50 Shore D TPE grade provides an excellent and durable finish. Further, the new grades have been formulated to resist dirt and dust to keep the part looking like new. A special benefit of the new highly colorable low COF TPE (9050X is available in natural and 9050BX is available in black) is its ability to offer high class, rubbery but not gummy surface on a part that can be removed.

Of special note, according to Elastocon officials, the new grades are formulated for products that need tough, durable protection where impact resistance is needed. Both grades offer cold weather impact resistance as well. Additional tweaking of the formulation by Elastocon can enable these grades to have FR (fire resistant) properties that should pass UL VO standards.

Elastocon® offers high performance TPE solutions that are innovative and robust, designed to meet the toughest requirements of modern TPE designs. They are offered in seven product families: unfilled, filled, super clear, TPOs, oil free for medical use, flame retardant and special colorable ESD formulations.

For more information on the new line of TPEs, contact Marketing Department, Elastocon TPE Technologies, Inc., P.O. Box 463, Rochester, IL 62563. Tel: 1-888-644-8732. Fax: 217-498-8558. E-mail: sales@elastocontpe.com. Web: www.elastocontpe.com.

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