New Protein Diet Products from Prodivita Offer Even More Delicious Treats

Prodivita Deutschland, through its website, announces some fresh new additions to the tasty array of protein diet products they carry.

Prodivita is a leading manufacturer of diet products of very high content of protein - up to 70% -- and which are also low in carbohydrates. While consuming necessary amounts of protein, people on the Prodivita Diaet enjoy low-calorie food treats. With its main corporate headquarter located in Belgium, Prodivita has reached out to the rest of Europe, such as Germany, encouraging people with weight and health issues to explore the protein diet as a weight loss option.

Unceasing in its goal to offer better and more selections for wellness and weight loss, Prodivita is launching a new set of protein diet food products and supplements. The website showcases new fat burners, protein spreadable cheese and protein ice cream, to name a few. The delectable new selections make it easier than ever to maintain great health and slim body, without having to tolerate constant intake of tasteless diet products.

Known researchers of the protein diet endorsed by Prodivita are Professors George Blackburn of Harvard University and Marian Apfelbaum from France who devoted much study to the diet. The authoritative American scientific journal "The Journal of Nutrition" has also spoken of the program results in detail.

Ursula Eberhart from Hamburg, Germany shares her success story at "Eleven pounds less with sports and the Prodivita Diet! In March, I started with the Prodivita protein diet. I was 81 pounds. The first week went off with me shedding 4.5 kilos. I also lost 1.5 to 2 kilos thereafter. Overall, it has only taken me almost 2 months before I was 11 kilos less. I have committed to not to fall back ever again into my old habits."

At Prodivita, visitors will find a wide array of protein diet product choices that include shakers, protein bread and toast, protein pudding, protein drinks, protein omelet, protein pancakes, protein pasta, protein puree, protein nuggets, protein soups, protein biscuits, protein bar and protein waffles. A starter kit to kick off the protein diaet journey is also available on the website.

To know more about protein diets and Prodivita products, please log on to for details.

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