New Platform Allows Users to Audition 100 Headphones Online

Sonic Sense has just released its updated headphone auditioning system allowing users to compare nearly 100 pairs of headphones online.

Sonic Sense has just released its updated headphone auditioning system allowing users to compare nearly 100 pairs of headphones online.

Sonic Sense's team of audio engineers and enthusiasts use a seven-genre, cd-quality, music montage played through each pair of headphones and recorded using Sonic Sense's proprietary recording process. They utilize DPA and Neumann microphone equipment, Grace Design preamps, and Benchmark digital converters.

All recordings are streamable through a SoundCloud widget embedded in the Sonic Sense Resource Center and can be downloaded for free at 24-bit, 96kHz.

Co-founder Marc Nutter explains, "By listening to the source file and then the recording made with a recording system that is tonally neutral, the user can observe the characteristics the headphone introduces. Then, by listening to a recording of another pair of headphones s/he can experience the differences between them on nearly any audio system. These headphone reviews are the first of their kind and we are very excited about the responses we are getting."

Along with the audio samples, Sonic Sense has produced 15 videos illustrating different headphone designs including open-back vs. closed-back, semi-open, on-ear, DJ and others.

Nutter continues, "Not showing any favoritism, and having tracked all headphones in exactly the same manner, has made it possible to work with many industry-leading manufacturers including AKG, Audio-Technica, BeyerDynamic, Fostex, Sennheiser, and UltraSone."

Included with the content on the Sonic Sense Resource Center, Sonic Sense provides video explanations of how they record headphones as well as studio monitors and loudspeakers.

"As 'the best headphone' is a very personal matter, based on taste and application, we have taken every measure possible to make sure the process is completely unbiased." Nutter states, "The online audio library brings us one step closer to providing the in-store experience online."

About Sonic Sense:
Sonic Sense started as an online audio retailer in 1994. Preferring to focus on product education so users could determine what best suits their tastes and applications, the company began offering demos, tutorials, and online comparisons. Recognizing that most equipment needs accessories and other components to operate fully, Sonic Sense specializes in providing purpose-built product packages. The company now offers a diverse array of pro audio and musical instruments along with detailed information about them. For more information about Sonic Sense, visit

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