New Patent Issued To Miatech For Its Bio Turbo Technology. Removes Ethylene & Bacteria

US Patent Office has recently issued a patent for Miatech's Bio Turbo line of products (patent #08293171 ) to confirm the unique nature of Bio Turbo technology and protect it from unauthorized copying.

The Bio Turbo line of equipment is designed to apply more affordable science to remove ethylene and airborne pathogens from cold rooms. Customer testimonials describe Bio Turbo as a highly effective technology for preventing premature ripening, prolonging storage life of fruits and vegetables, preserving postharvest quality, and preventing bacterial damage and mold growth.

Bio Turbo uses patented four stage air purification process which effectively removes ethylene and 99.5% of airborne bacteria. Although Bio Turbo technology uses Ozone in one of it four stages to destroy ethylene and airborne pathogens, ozone is never released into the cold room, which makes this technology completely safe for humans.

Costas Iconomou, Miatech's CEO, shared: "The new patent having now been issued is a testament to the unique design of the Bio Turbo. We now have the most effective and efficient product of its kind on the market today".

More detailed information about Bio Turbo technology can be found here: http://slides.miatech.org/bio-turbo/

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Miatech manufactures various solutions for preserving postharvest quality of fruits and vegetables, including professional humidification systems and solutions for eliminating ethylene and fighting airborne pathogens. Learn more about Miatech by visiting: http://postharvest.miatech.org/

Miatech's line of products is designed to improve the retailer, distributor and producer's bottom line by increased profits. This is accomplished by preventing waste, improving appearance and quality that will result in increased sales. The result is an array of products that enhance appeal, value and quality of perishable foods.

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