New Organic SEO Firm in Traverse City Redefines Industry with Captivate Search Marketing

Atlanta-based Captivate Search Marketing recently partnered with Traverse City's newest organic SEO firm Top of Mind. Both companies are realizing drastic changes in the search marketing profession, and see great opportunities in partnering togethe

Upon the brink of 2013, Captivate Search Marketing expanded is reach beyond Atlanta, GA. The expert organic SEO firm has recently partnered with Top of Mind, a Traverse City, Michigan-based search marketing and social media engagement firm, in an effort to spread further market awareness of the changing standards of organic SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is considered to be a highly effective way for businesses to increase their web traffic by earning high rankings in the search results for certain keywords. It's a unique Internet marketing service that's growing in popularity, in addition to constantly evolving.

Captivate Search Marketing partnered with Top of Mind based on common goals and perspectives in how the organic SEO profession is changing. Experts of both companies are advocates of supporting their local small business communities with quality programs on how they can capitalize on the rising standards SEO and search marketing.

"What worked a year ago will only result in failure today. The best practices of organic SEO have drastically changed. With Google getting smarter and SEO becoming more socially integrated, in a sense it's becoming more like real marketing," said Tyler Tafelsky, organic SEO expert of Top of Mind.

"Some people in the industry are saying 'SEO is dead,' and to some degree, there is a bit of truth to that. The formula-like processes of getting a website ranked have greatly diminished. A good SEO strategy relies on a blend of elements. Two of those being brilliant content creators and a strong social force."

Top of Mind is a brand new organic SEO firm in Traverse City, MI. Experts of the company emphasize social media as an influential force in the organic search marketing profession. As a result, virtually all of the local SEO programs that Top of Mind provides incorporate social media engagement. This is primarily due to an emergence of Google+, the rising social media platform that's personalizing the search results of Google users.

"As a marketer, I am not necessarily marketing to social media users. I am educating, enlightening, and inspiring an audience via relevant content. Producing and sharing quality content is the foundation of social media engagement, and it's changing the landscape of organic SEO." said Tafelsky.

Captivate Search Marketing and Top of Mind are beginning to work together on various projects focusing on local SEO, ecommerce, content marketing, and social media. Each marketing firm is focusing to provide custom services packages and local SEO consulting programs to their respective markets.

"The purpose of our partnership is to generate great ideas and keep each other well-informed on search engine algorithm changes and fresh strategies. Tyler and his team are phenomenal SEO strategists and content creators. We are able to create a lot of synergy between our resources and local market potential." concludes Chris J. Everett of Captivate Search Marketing.

The organic search marketing profession is, without doubt, becoming more social. Expect to see more from young and creative companies like Atlanta's Captivate Search Marketing and Traverse City's Top of Mind.

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