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New On-The-Go Credit Card Processor Swipes Out the Competition

A new mobile credit card processor has made its way to the table, and this one's here to stay. Go Swipe is revolutionizing the way business owners accept credit card with the lowest rates yet.

For many merchants and small business owners, 2.75% per credit card transaction is a big chunk of change to part with. Yet with people using credit cards as their main source of payment, many businesses don't have the luxury of demanding cash. In fact, in 2012 only 27% of all point-of-sale purchases were made with cash according to Javelin Strategy and Research. Business owners may believe that high percentages are standard and unavoidable, but leading mobile credit card processors like Square and Intuit GoPayment have some new competition: Go Swipe.

Go Swipe will beat any rate and offers business owners swipe rates of 1.69% with no other fees or obligations. A free Go Swipe reader is sent out to new customers who can then download the free mobile and get started accepting credit cards from anywhere in the US - it's that simple.

"Small fees add up. If your business does $250,000 in revenue for the year and you rely solely on credit card sales through a company like Square, you're looking at $6,875 in credit card fees alone. A smart business owner should be looking to cut these fees in half at any possible chance," says Brian Katzman, founder of Go Swipe.

Businesses of all sizes and types are benefiting from mobile credit card processing, and savvy entrepreneurs are saying it's the future for merchants. Take Joyce Holden from Fitness by Joyce, for example. "I tried to use a card reader with my iPhone in the past, and I ended up paying so many hidden fees, that it wasn't worth it anymore. I was skeptical to try another one, but I knew I needed to be able to accept credit cards anywhere I could make a sale." She said. "I have been very pleased with Go Swipe. I haven't had any hidden fees, and I feel more comfortable knowing that I am not locked into contract."

For the unconventional business, Go Swipe is a go! Businesses can register for their free card reader by visiting GoSwipe.net today.

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