New Mom-Owned Child Modeling Consultation Company

Professional 'Model Mom' Leverages Her Success To Guide Parents Through The Competitive Child Modeling Industry

Model Mom Madness, LLC, a new US-based child modeling consulting company, offers online and personal phone consultations for parents who want to get their child started in the world of modeling.

"After my daughter walked the runway for Heidi Klum's Truly Scrumptious fashion show, I received many messages from parents who had no idea where to start or what to do to get their child seen on a national level." say company President, Veronika Clark.
Parents who have tried to get their children into modeling understand how costly, time consuming and confusing the process can be. When moms have questions about booking modeling gigs for their children, they usually don't have anywhere to turn for
answers. Model Mom Madness offers the solution!

Veronika Clark, 'model mom' and consultant, founded Model Mom Madness through her own personal experiences. After spending tons of money and wasting precious time while getting nowhere, Veronika decided to take matters into her own hands. After navigating thru the modeling world alone, Veronika was able to get her four year old daughter Kendall, signed to modeling agencies in industry hotspots such as New York City, Atlanta, Orlando, and Miami, while working with top designers during Petite Parade and New York's Kids Fashion Week.

Veronika eventually was able to book modeling jobs for her daughter with companies such as The Children's Place, Bluegreen Vacations, Hot Tot Hair, Heidi Klum's Truly Scrumptious clothing line, and many more. Now, through her company, Veronika wants to help other 'model moms' find their way through the modeling world to find top modeling jobs for their children. Understanding the demands of the
modeling industry, Model Mom Madness, LLC offers a glimpse into the reality of the market.

Some of the most commonly asked questions include, "Do I need professional pictures?", and "How do I find an agency for representation?" Questions are answered honestly, allowing parents the opportunity to gain a glimpse into the world of modeling so they can gain success without making the same mistakes Veronika did initially did.

Unlike her competitors, consultations start at $50 and can be conveniently conducted over the phone, e-mail, or Skype.

About Model Mom Madness, LLC
Veronika Clark, founder and model mom, created Model Mom Madness, LLC to provide support for model moms who are just starting out in the competitive industry. Having both a son and daughter in the modeling industry, Veronika understands the needs of modeling parents. Offering industry knowledge and experience, Veronika strives to help model moms navigate the path to child modeling success with less difficulty than she initially had.

To get started with your modeling consultation, email Veronika at:

Media Contact:
Model Mom Madness, LLC
Ronnise Clark, Media Manager
Phone: (504) 913-6299

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