New Mobile App Lets Users Make Their Own Emojis

Syntext mobile app is now accepting 500 beta users. The app launches this spring.

Syntext was started in late 2013. It's founder and CEO Tyler Breton realized there was a clear lack of emojis for mobile phone users. Taking this into account, he decided to create a free mobile app (launching in March) that allows users to make & share their own emojis/emoticons. This will undoubtedly give way to a tidal wave of new emoticons being created and used. Syntext will become the newest social network to cater to a younger, more tech-savvy audience.

"Emoticons are so much more effective and efficient than texting, they can describe very personal situations that only 1 other person would understand" - Tyler Breton, Founder & CEO

Syntext is currently accepting beta users on their website: All you need to do is sign up and you will be notified when the app launches. It will be available for both iPhone and Android users.

It's really important to understand why making your own emojis and emoticons is so important. People need to be able to express themselves beyond photos and mobile applications like Syntext will usher in a new era of social networking. While creating emojis sounds simple, there are many different aspects of the process. For early adopters and skilled mobile users, they will find a shape library that will let them build emojis from scratch. On the opposite end, there will be a library of premade emojis that users can customize however they want. Seems like a really great concept and natural evolution of the social network. Of course this is a much younger and tech-savvy audience. We're really excited to see what types of emojis people can create. Major sites like Mashable and Wired have both written stories about emojis that they wish existed, and with Syntext their wishes may just come true.

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