New Male Enhancement Procedure

Dr. Loria, a pioneer in the field of Male Enlargement & Reconstructive Medicine and Surgery, developed a unique procedural technique termed the PLATINUM Procedure.


Cosmetic Surgeon Develops First-of-its-Kind Male Enhancement Procedure
Minimally Invasive Technique Uses FDA-Approved Medications

"The results and the impact that this novel and unique male enlargement procedure has had on men has gone well beyond our patients' expectations." - Dr. Victor Loria, Cosmetic Surgeon

"I became at ease when I learned that the medication is safe and has been used as a facial filler for more than 40 years." - Robert Drury, male enhancement patient

MIAMI, Fla. - Dr. Victor Loria, a Miami-based cosmetic surgeon, is believed to be the first doctor in the country to successfully insert long-lasting fillers to increase circumference, girth, flaccid length, erect phallus (in some cases), and enlarge the glans as well ― often dramatically. In addition, many patients have been reporting, after girth and glans enlargement treatments, an increase in length of up to 1 inch or more.

"It's an individual preference, and understandably, a very private and very important matter," said Dr. Loria, a pioneer in the field of male enlargement and Phalloplasty.

Dr. Loria has performed thousands of medical procedures during the past 20 years. He began successfully treating men with his own unique combination of filler materials about 3-years ago. These products are the same or similar to those used in facial treatments.

"Many query, "How can I obtain my ideal goal" or "How to increase length" but one must proceed with caution when reviewing the options available. There are invasive surgeries in which silicone strips or other types of artificial materials are used, as well as liposuction fat transfer, dermal-skin transfer, mechanical vacuum pumping, and prosthetic implants which all carry significant risks of complications," he said. "I don't do any of that. The fillers I use in my 'Platinum Procedure' are safe, natural and adapt to a man's anatomy."

Bob Drury, one of Loria's patients, is a believer. "If you're like me, you've seen those ads in your inbox for products that claim to increase length or size," Drury said. "The difference here is Dr. Loria's procedure actually works. And I'm living proof."

Metal rings, which demonstrate girth or circumference change, are used to help patients visualize the size they desire. This allows men to choose the precise size with which they are comfortable. Following the procedure, utilizing Dr. Loria's patented formula, patients routinely tell the doctor how amazed they are by the natural look and feel. Men also routinely report improvements to their confidence and self-esteem.

"There are many medical and psychological reasons men ask how to increase length or to enlarge and change the shape," said Dr. Loria.

One of those reasons is Peyronie's disease, a disorder that can alter the vascular flow, neurological function, and cause severe unwanted curvature of the phallus. Peyronie's disease affects approximately 10 percent of men and can be acutely painful as well as embarrassing.

"For the first time, men with this disorder have a treatment they can turn to," Dr. Loria said. "It's often an emotional lifesaver."
"For these patients, the Platinum Procedure will enlarge and increase sensation," Dr. Loria said. "Most importantly, there are no scars, no stitches, and very little discomfort."

Said Doug Huston, one of Dr. Loria's patients: "I can't believe how simple and painless the procedure was. I am very happy with the results."

It's not the first time that a medical treatment for one condition ― facial treatments ― turns out to be effective for another. Botox, for instance, has for many years helped eliminate facial wrinkles and is used as a treatment for those who excessively sweat under the arms.

"It's certainly gratifying to help people overcome medical challenges. I consider male enlargement and reconstructive surgery an art as well as a science," added Dr. Loria.

Dr. Victor Loria, D.O., is the medical director of the Miami-based male Enlargement and Reconstructive Surgery center.He has been performing medical procedures for 20 years. Dr. Loria is a graduate of the highly esteemed and oldest osteopathic medical school in the country, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Kirksville College prides itself on teaching not only traditional medicine and surgery, but also holistic approaches that can be brought into the physician's medical and surgical practice.


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