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New LikeSpinWin App & Website Lets Consumers Win Prizes From Local Businesses While That Business Adds Facebook Fans

LikeSpinWin website and iPhone/Android app is a new Social Media business model that provides companies with a creative method of increasing brand visibility on Facebook while allowing consumers to win prizes from those companies.

Orange County entrepreneur Nick Crane has launched LikeSpinWin, a website and app that helps businesses acquire Facebook fans while offering consumers opportunities to win prizes from participating businesses.

Consumers download the LikeSpinWin app for iPhone or Android, or access LikeSpinWin via the website. Once a consumer logs into their Facebook account via LikeSpinWin, they select a prize wheel sponsored by a local, regional or national brand, LIKE that business/prize wheel, SPIN the wheel, and attempt to WIN a prize from that business.

When users win, the prize is displayed on the user's Facebook page, generating exposure for the products or services being given away.

Result: businesses increase Facebook fans, and consumers connect with businesses in a fun manner.

"I created LikeSpinWin because I saw a need to help promote businesses via Facebook, the most popular social media platform in the world," explains Crane.

"Marketing through Facebook is more important than ever, which means businesses need to acquire as many fans as possible," adds Crane. "LikeSpinWin accelerates that process, and does so by adding an element of fun to the equation."

Crane's company works with businesses to help determine the most appropriate prizes, which in turn are used to influence consumers to LIKE that business on Facebook. Crane charges a fee for each new fan acquired, so everyone - businesses, consumers, and LikeSpinWin - all benefit.

"It sounds like a cliche, but this is truly a win-win-win situation," says Crane.

LikeSpinWin is initially focused on businesses in the greater Orange County area, but Crane is already expanding that business base to include regional and national brands.

"This is a concept that will work almost anywhere because it embraces a wide spectrum of businesses, and consumers," states Crane.

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