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New Life for Fur Headbands in Polar Temperatures

Perfect Valentines Day Gift, fur headbands make polar temperatures classy.

Those grey clouds are still billowing and there's no end in sight. What's worse is that the groundhog jumped back down his burrow and there are six more weeks of winter on the horizon. That's more grey, cold, sleet, and snow for those who deserve to treat themselves after battling through this blistering winter season. It's time to bring some unique fashion to the winter with a speak easy classic.

Reweaving industry leader and furrier expert, Chicago's Without A Trace, is offering bespoke fur headbands for the winter warrior ready to treat herself. These custom pieces are tailored by European trained furriers to suit each customer's liking. They fit snug on the head, keep the wind at bay, and conjure the style of a gilded age. Shoppers can bring the eternal class of the prohibition era to their winter wardrobe after visiting a Without A Trace's website.

Shoppers can choose from beaver, coyote, fox, mink, Persian lamb, and shearling fur for their headband. Fur lovers know that if the pieces aren't cared for properly they begin to fall apart. Without A Trace's lush furs have been immaculately stored and maintained for their high quality. Their furriers craft the headbands along three different sizes: small, 22.5; medium, 23.5; and large, 24.5 to 25 inches. The custom pieces look great with any winter jacket, and are certain to catch the eye in the bright winter sun.

So while Katie Couric is on the TV telling America that another zero degree week is on the horizon, consider giving a custom fur headband as a gift. European tailors will monogram the bespoke headband and send it to your beloved for $125.00. Shoppers using Paypal from withoutatrace.com can send the gift while at work as a surprise. There's nothing better than the gift of warmth in a winter full of polar vortexes and subzero temperatures.

The fashion savvy shouldn't let the season pass by without picking up something personal, crafted just for them. After this long winter of snow and cold, rain and sleet the women of winter deserve some warm luxury. Shoppers can head over to http://www.withoutatrace.com/fur-headbands.html and begin tailoring their perfect fur headband today.

Without A Trace

For 20 years Without a Trace has been setting that standard in garment repair in Chicago and beyond. Their talented tailors are practiced in French Weaving, Inweaving, and Reknitting clothes back to their original quality. From the smallest holes to large tears, the expert reweavers can repair the garment. Through the use of innovative methods repairs can be concealed so well they can't be detected by touch or sight. There are two Chicagoland locations: the first, on 3344 West Bryn Mar; and the second, on 100 East Walton Street. Those unable to make can send their garments in for repair. A quick call to Without A Trace is the first step to getting a garmet repaired. You can reach them toll free at 800-475-4922 or by email at request@withoutatrace.com.

For more information, visit http://www.withoutatrace.com

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