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New Jersey Ticket Attorney Provides Insight Into a Survey Revealing That Not All Traffic Tickets Cause a Higher Insurance Premium

Exceeding Maximum Speed (NJSA 39:4-98) Speeding as defined in NJSA 39:4-98 is one of the traffic violations that New Jersey traffic ticket attorneys see most often. In this article, New Jersey speeding ticket attorney Dan Matrafajlo will describe max

New Jersey ticket Attorney Dan Matrafajlo comments on a survey revealing that not all speeding tickets automatically result in higher insurance rates for the drivers.

NEW JERSEY -The number one fear about receiving New Jersey speeding tickets or any other traffic violations is the resulting increase in insurance premium rates. But this is not always the case.

According to a USA Today article, a survey done for an online insurance shopping site reveals that most drivers who receive traffic tickets do not automatically get higher insurance premium rates. The reason is that there are a lot of factors other than just traffic tickets that can go into an increase in the rate of insurance premiums.

"However, I would be reluctant to put too much credence in this study because it asked for a fiver-year recall of the estimate of insurance premium," said Dan Matrafajlo, founder of the Law Offices of Dan T. Matrafajlo.

The article further notes that some insurance companies do not increase premiums for just one New Jersey speeding ticket because pulling the traffic violations records from state data files is expensive. Insurance companies are not doing it as much for older drivers because they do not get as many tickets. But since younger drivers are ticketed more often, insurance companies look closer at their driving records.

"If you are a driver between 18 and 29 years of age, you need to be extra careful not to get a traffic violation because the chances of your insurance premium rising are a lot higher," said Matrafajlo.

The USA Today article went on to note that another reason why drivers with New Jersey speeding tickets or other traffic violations are escaping higher insurance rates is because of "forgiveness" deals offered by some insurance carriers. These deals overlook the first violation in a certain time period.

"Not getting a traffic violation should be your number one priority, but we are all human and make mistakes. So, if you do get a traffic violation, it is important to fight the ticket in order to avoid an increase in your insurance premium, regardless of what any survey reveals," said Matrafajlo.

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