New Indie Game Development Company Launches Kickstarter Project

JAZ Games LLC will be the first indie video game development company of its kind in Arkansas. Their first game project is funding on Kickstarter right now. The game is called Sky Bridge: Fallen Stars, and it's an Steampunk RPG in Unreal® Engine 4.

JAZ Games LLC will be the first indie video game development company of its kind in Fort Smith Arkansas.

JAZ Games

Jacob Siler the company's CEO says "I was diagnosed with MS when I was 16, since then I have come to realize that this life is too precious to spend it doing something you don't love. Game development is something that I love to do, and I believe that families should be drawn together by media. That is why we set out to build Sky Bridge: Fallen Stars. "

Ollie in a House

They plan to stay local, seeking to make family friendly games independently of large publishers by using Kickstarter.com, a site where entrepreneurs can pitch ideas straight to the people interested in their products.

JAZ Games launched their first game project on Kickstarter May 5, 2014. The project is called Sky Bridge: Fallen Stars and is a 3D single-player role playing game (RPG) set for release on PC, MAC, and Linux sometime in 2015. The Steampunk RPG has an open world design, is suitable for all ages and for family game play and will be developed in Unreal® Engine 4.

Airship in the Sky

The London Philharmonic has agreed to record the soundtrack for the game when they hit a particular funding goal. Foley artist, Steven Muir (Elysium and Red Dead Redemption), will do the foley art for cut scenes in the video game.

Backers can score a pre-release copy of the game for only $15 and all backers will be invited to the game's launch party next year. For the Kickstarter to succeed the project must reach it's goal of $250,000 by Monday, June 2, 2014.

You can pledge to the campaign at:


or share the project with friends using social media. More information can be found at

facebook.com/skybridgemmo or at the website www.skybridgesaga.us

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