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New Hope Unlimited Is Ready To Contribute To Further Decrease U.S. Cancer Death Rates

The American Cancer Society released the annual data report that revealed the 20% reduction in US mortality rate from cancer. New Hope Medical Center hopes to contribute in continuing the decrease.

According to the annual data report "Cancer Statistics 2013" of the American Cancer Society, US mortality rate from cancer has decreased by 20% after it has hit the highest in 1991. This figure displays success but other figures stated in the report requires further efforts to address cancer.

In invasive breast cancer alone, 232,340 new cases among women and 2,240 among men are anticipated to be diagnosed this year. In situ breast cancer, on the other hand, will have 64,640 new cases among women. Death is predicted to happen to 410 men and 39,620 women.

Leading new cancer cases for men for 2013 include prostate (238,590), lung and bronchus (118,080), colon and rectum (73,680), urinary bladder (54,610), non-Hodgkin lymphoma (37,600) and pancreas (22,740). For females, breast cancer tops the list with 232, 340 followed by lung and bronchus (110,110), colon and rectum (69,140), non-Hodgkin lymphoma (32,140) and pancreas (22,480).

Estimated deaths in men will come from numerous cancer cases: Lung and bronchus (87,260), prostate (29,720), colon and rectum (26,300), pancreas (19,480), urinary bladder (10,820) and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (10,590). In women, the cases and the numbers are likewise staggering: lung and bronchus (72,220), breast (39,620), colon and rectum (24,530), pancreas (18,980) and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (8,430).

New Hope Unlimited is more than ready to give its share to help further reduce the number of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. through providing them with more alternative cancer treatment options for possible cure or for the decrease in the signs and symptoms of the disease.

New Hope Unlimited offers a distinctive combination of traditional, alternative and holistic cancer therapies to eliminate cancer cells. Its programs are founded on the several years of medical and scientific research, which was piloted by the pioneers in cancer cure. Alternative cancer treatments provided by the center cover detoxification and dietary changes, and support the normal metabolic systems. Treatment processes include lymph drainage, stress management, relaxation techniques and a lot more.

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New Hope Unlimited is comprised of a team of medical and scientific professionals that collectively have over 100 years of experience in cancer research and treatment. The New Hope Medical Team and their consultants are dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of chronic degenerative diseases and immune disorders integrating alternative, complementary treatment methods.

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