New Heavy Duty Boat Fender Rope & Dock Line by BuoyRope®

BuoyRope has released a new multi-purpose boat rope, boat fender rope and dock line. This is a heavy duty 10mm 5ft looped rope with heavy duty stainless steel carabiner clip.

There's more than meets the eye with this boat rope . One looped rope can be used as a dock line, adjustable boat fender rope or cargo storage rope.

Going from a standard 7mm rope to a 10mm heavy duty rope is a pretty big difference in quality and durability. 10mm is substantially thicker than 7mm making this boat rope it perfect for boats in the 25 - 35 foot range.

BuoyRope, a LoopRope™ product, is recognized by it's distinct looped rope. A simple idea that made this rope infinitely more functional than its counter parts by providing a flexible anchoring system when used as a cargo tie down, boat fender rope or dock line. The looped rope technology combined with the dual sided carabiner clips that come with each rope not only make this a more flexible system, but much safer than traditional hooked bungee straps.

Product reviews and customer feedback have been phenomenal for this product which is why retailers like; camping world, Cabela's, Sportsman's Warehouse and Marinas internationally have been lining up to retail them.

The BuoyRope is a useful product for anyone with a boat or personal watercraft. BuoyRope's proven 2 in 1 method is unsurpassed in safety as a dock line and cargo tie down strap. When used as a rope for boat fender, boaters can quickly and easily adjust the height of their boat fender when docking. When it's not in use as a quick docking line it can be used to tie down inflatables, coolers, fishing poles or even be used as a clothesline for drying towels and vests. 

BuoyRope® 5ft Heavy Duty Boat Rope

• Looprope 5BRB-B-C; Buoy Rope; 5ft; 10mm;
• 4.25" Stainless Steel Carabiner Clip

• Use as boat fender rope

• Use as looped dock line absolutely no tying knots

• Use as cargo tie down to stow items in boat

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