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New Generators That Run 100% Off Well-Head Gas.

Oil and drilling companies want to use the natural gas from their well-heads.

Oil field gas is often over-looked as a utility fuel. Generator Generator develops new generator systems tuned to burn direct well-head gas so efficiently that they rival traditional fuels such as diesel for mechanical efficiency.

Well-head gas is an abundant source of electrical power already there just for the taking. Many times even when electrical power is not needed, added environmental benefits can be derived through burning this otherwise wasted fuel. They ca be used to treat water, operate fish farms, run green house production. Even soil remediation can be done cost effectively using this gaseous waste.

Even without a source of free natural gas the price difference between natural gas and diesel fuel is 50%, or more!
Natural gas power is as reliable as diesel power, with a mechanical life that is longer than a traditional diesel generator, because natural gas is a much cleaner burning fuel.

Most electrical power generation from two megawatts or less is produced through reciprocating engines. Reciprocating engines are well-suited for distributed power generation. They are widely used in North America and throughout the world, and are supported by a highly developed sales and service infrastructure. Reciprocating engines start quickly, follow load well, have good part-load efficiencies, maintain efficiency and output under harsh conditions, and are really reliable.

Natural gas generator sets are now the top economical choice, from less than 15 kilowatts to six megawatts for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Generator Generator natural gas generator sets produce useable energy from gaseous fuels, running on anything from natural well head gas to agricultural methane, or even waste hydrogen.

Distributed generation from waste gas has several advantages over traditional large centralized power stations, including going online more quickly, reducing demand pressure on the electrical grid, and reducing inefficiencies that are common in centralized power generation, transmission, and distribution.

Generator Generator is experiencing steady growth due to an increase in unconventional gas resources and tightening regulations limiting stationary generator emissions. This points to accelerating growth over the next decade. Generator Generator has positioned itself to be a major "Go-To" resource within this growing market.

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