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New Flow Meter Excellent Choice for Flow Monitoring, Process Control, and Energy Management Systems

Available for 1/4" to 1.0" pipe sizes, DN Series Liquid Vortex Flow Meters have no moving parts, are easy to install, offer better accuracy at lower cost, and provide excellent media resistance.

Clark Solutions introduces their new DN Series Liquid Vortex Flow Meters, which are designed to meet the needs of energy, flow, and process applications requiring higher accuracy, a temperature insensitive flow measurement technology, and low cost. Featuring rugged molded PPA construction and ETFE and EPDM wetted parts, DN Series Flow meters are suitable for water & water-glycol-based heat exchange systems with the usual additives.

The DN Series utilizes piezoelectric sensors embedded in an ETFE vane located downstream of a bluff to detect the generated vortices. The frequency measured represents the flow velocity. A flow factor is provided to convert frequency to volume flow rate for each model size. The flow sensor is tolerant of debris in the flow stream.

An optional 1000 ohm platinum RTD temperature sensor is embedded in the flow sensor bluff to measure fluid temperature. DN Series Flow Meters are designed for flow ranges from 0.24 to 39.6 GPM (0.9 ... 150 liters per minute), and maximum pressure of 174 psi/12 bar at 104°F/40°C. Model DN Flow Meters have a rated accuracy of 1% to 50% of full range and 2% from 50-100% full range. Complete technical specifications for Clark Solutions' DN Series Liquid Vortex Flow Meters are available online at

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