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New Fitness Concept Coming to South Florida

An Existing Fitness Craze with a Twist is coming soon to South Florida

Have you tried the recent fitness studios specializing in classes designed to get you fit, keep you motivated and all in under an hour? They are popping up all over, and newcomer My Zone Sports is creating quite a stir in Atlanta.

So you've tried Flywheel as well as Soul Cycle, two of the studio fitness trends that are currently taking the nation by storm. You absolutely loved the workout, you loved the competitiveness, the atmosphere, the equipment, even the social aspect of the studio. So what did you miss?

A new studio fitness center named My Zone Sports has people lining up from miles away to try the latest fitness trend to hit Atlanta and while it may be a little early to say, the reviews are good. Real Good!

All three clubs use state-of-the-art studio cycles (also known as Spinning). However only My Zone monitors your Heart Rate, Calories burned, as well as your Watts, Speed and Distance.

"I loved both workouts [Flywheel & Soul Cycle], but the one thing they are both missing, is the monitoring of your heart [rate] and calories which are much more important than who wins a race," said Irene Burns, a client of all three facilities who had just taken a My Zone class.

"With the other two [clubs], the instructors will tell you to go to a specific gear which corresponds to the difficulty of the pedaling."

She added, "The biggest problem is when they tell the entire class to increase their gear to 25. A 5'3" 110 pound woman will be working much harder than a 6'2" 225 pound man will. In fact, my heart rate might be double someone else's at the same difficulty level which could be quite dangerous."

At My Zone, it is very hard to cheat the system. A heart monitor keeps track of your calories burned as well as your heart rate. Everyone in the class can see their progress on the screens and each heart rate zone has a different color depending upon how hard they are working out.

Client's progress is immediately uploaded to the cloud where they may access their activity level at home. Additionally, the client keeps their heart rate pod with them, so if they choose to workout at different facility or even at home, it will also record that workout data and will upload it to the cloud as soon as they return to My Zone. A genius marketing idea.

Additionally, while My Zone does use difficulty levels, they gear it toward your individual heart rate and ensure that you are working in "your zone."

Barbara Young said she's living proof that this workout works. She's lost 40 pounds since September.

"My first visit and I loved it," she said. "The bikes are the most comfortable ride I have tried and I've been spinning for over 5 years. I haven't lost weight like this before, because I was never concerned with how hard I was working, I just enjoyed the ride."

The room is dark, cool and trendy. The atmosphere is energetic, and people seem genuinely excited to get into the class. "People are hearing about us and coming from all over to try it." says Troy Linus, an instructor for My Zone. "We have a client coming over 20 miles each way three to four times a week,"

Linus added, I've been a personal trainer and a coach for the past 20 years and what I see in this class, you can't see anywhere else."

My Zone founder, George Domaceti, 49, is a resident of South Florida and was the catalyst in getting the club launched. He is an early pioneer in the "Spinning" industry, having started LifeSpin in 1998, a successful spinning-only studio with multiple locations. My Zone is in the process of setting up a franchise corporation to sell all over the U.S. and plans expansion up and down the east coast first.

After trying my first class, I have to say I am excited to return. Only problem is that my class is sold-out for tomorrow, so book early!

More information on My Zone can be found at

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