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New Fine Pitch Bump Adapters from Aries Allow BGA Devices of Any Pitch to be Used with 0.40 mm Pitch Boards

New Adapters Save Rework Costs by Enabling Use of Higher Pitch Devices on Smaller Pitch Boards

Bristol, Pa. August 2010 - Aries Electronics, an international manufacturer of standard, programmed and custom interconnection products, has expanded its line of Fine Pitch Bump Adapters to include adapters that accommodate boards with pitches down to
0.40 mm. As part of the Correct-A-Chip series, the new Fine Pitch Bump Adapters allow customers to use higher pitch devices on smaller pitch boards.

The adapter tops have landing pads that can be designed to accept any device on any pitch and easily settle into fine pitch footprints including Thin-Shrink Small Outline Packages (TSSOP) and Quad Flat Packages (QFP) with pitches down to 0.40 mm. In addition, the adapter bottom has raised connection pads up to 0.010" (0.25 mm) that provide easy mounting of the adapter to the target board.

Due to the open space now available on the top of the adapter board, manufacturers can easily add components to the design at a minimal cost. Fine Pitch Bump Adapters save users money by integrating higher pitch BGA devices with boards laid out with smaller pitches that typically could not be used together.

Fine Pitch Bump Adapter boards are 0.062" (1.57 mm) thick FR4 or Rogers 370 HR, with 1oz. copper traces on both sides. The non-solder mask defined (NSMD) pads are finished with electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG). The apparatus can operate up to 221°F (105°C) for FR4 and 266°F (130°C) for lead-free.

The new adapters are available in tape and reel for high speed SMT assembly and can be manufactured for RoHS compliance. Standard line and trace spacing down to 0.003" (0.076 mm) can be used.

Fine Pitch Bump Adapters are available in panelized form, as an adapter only, or as a turn-key solution with devices mounted. Aries specializes in custom design and production. In addition to standard products, special materials, platings, sizes and configurations can be furnished depending on quantity. For more information regarding an adapter to meet special needs, consult the Aries factory.

Pricing for the Fine Pitch Bump Adapters for a typical application starts at $15 per adapter in quantities of 100. Delivery is 3-4 weeks ARO.

For additional information, contact Aries Electronics Inc., 2609 Bartram Road, Bristol, Pa. 19007-6810; Tel: 215-781-9956; Fax: 215-781-9845; Email:; Web:, Data sheet #18107- Europe Email:

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EDITORS NOTE: Headquartered in Bristol, Pa., Aries Electronics Inc., manufactures an extremely broad range of custom and standard interconnection and packaging products for electronics. Industry leading products include Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) test sockets for DIP, PGA, PLCC and SOIC devices; the Correct-A-Chip™ product line of "intelligent connectors"; adapters and connectors; several patented concepts for BGA (ball grid array) and LGA (land grid array) sockets; and an extensive array of high frequency test and burn in sockets. The company also specializes in meeting custom requirements for its customers.

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