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New Exclusive Lead System for the Moving and Relocation Industry

Rank My Web LLC offers a custom business-building system based on years of experience working with the moving industry. provides the only platform you'll ever need for driving traffic and quality online inquiries.

Long-standing website development and SEO specialist Rank My Web is pleased to announce a new industry-specific lead generation program to its clients. This program, which can include everything from a brand new website, optimized content and an active search results improvement program or anything in between is aimed directly at the moving and relocation industry. Based in no small part on Rank my Web's more than 13 years of experience in working with the moving industry, this new lead generation program is custom-created to assist those companies looking to expand and prosper in today's market.

"The moving and relocation industry is a $25 Billion per year business," stated Uri Levy of Rank My Web, "and when you add transportation and storage, the figure grows even higher. Our goal is to help these businesses take advantage of what is available online today and prosper in an ever-changing business landscape."

In a study by WorldWide ERC an estimated $9.3 billion alone was spent in the U.S. in 2013 by companies relocating new and existing employees. When you consider that moving an employee homeowner costs between $72K and $92K and about a third of that for renters, and then factor in that relocating and tele-commuting continues to grow, it's clear that moving and relocation companies must do all they can to capture their market share.

For more detailed information please see the WorldWide ERc report at:

Rank my Web understands the needs and goals of the moving industry based on its many years of experience working closely with these companies. This new lead generation program is both all-encompassing and flexible. That means that Rank My Web can design a solution for any moving and relocation company. Whether it's a whole new system or fitting a program into the business's existing online and marketing resources.

"We not only know what our moving and relocation industry clients need and want," continued Levy, "but we are intimately familiar with the regulations that apply and know how to work within them for maximum effect."

Rank My Web pledges to ensure not only quality of service but strict adherence to all industry regulations. In this way, the company feels that it can best serve its new and existing clients and will continue to actively seek every opportunity to help them succeed.

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Rank My Web has quickly grown to be the only true choice for Full-Service Online/Digital Marketing and Advertising. Our development team and customer service agents, take pride in listening to your business needs and working with you to create a customized digital marketing plan that suits your needs and provides the only platform you'll ever need for driving traffic and quality online inquiries.

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