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New Entertainment Company Brings Diverse Music Scene to Nashville

Soundtrack Entertainment Launches New Website and Showcases Services That Cater to All Genres of Music in the Music City

Move over! There is a new company in town and they are bringing more genres of music to Nashville. Soundtrack Entertainment LLC is proud to announce the launch of the exciting expansion of their company's repertoire. No longer specializing in just events, Soundtrack Entertainment is a full service entertainment company nicknamed "The M.V.P. of the Entertainment Industry", specializing in Music, Venues, and Promotions. Soundtrack Entertainment caters to all genres of music, especially Pop, Rock and Urban music.

Soundtrack Entertainment prides itself on developing innovative projects and events that bring a new and refreshing look in the entertainment industry. Soundtrack Entertainment is one of Nashville's first companies to specialize in Venue Development, where they create, design, conceptualize, and build live venues and entertainment districts.

Courtney "Coko" Eason, founder and CEO stated - "My passion is music, my background is music business, my love is music events and my desire is to develop music venues. I created Soundtrack Entertainment, LLC to make each one of these components work in the most unique and profitable way. We will promote the talent of our own musicians and artists through our own special our own amazing venues."

Soundtrack Entertainment is mostly known for its pristine customer service tact, strategic partnerships and innovative event strategies that draw trendsetting statements in Nashville. They are currently working on their first entertainment development in Nashville. Soundtrack Entertainment hopes to get more partners involved for the groundbreaking development set for late 2014.

Soundtrack is also working with major networks to create music/reality TV shows in Nashville and is currently planning an event with local charity, Soles4Souls.

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About Soundtrack Entertainment
Soundtrack Entertainment LLC is a live events and concert promotions company focused on venue development and management. Soundtrack Entertainment is the brainchild of the ingenious Courtney "Coko" Eason, creator of the nationally acclaimed Soundtrack Beat Battle and Strange Arrange Live Arrangement Competition. Soundtrack Entertainment is a current member of IAVM (International Association of Venue Management) and real estate development certified through the REDI Foundation.

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Leighandriah Oden, Publicist
Soundtrack Entertainment
Soundtrack Entertainment
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