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New England Cedar Fences Is Gaining Popularity with Their Photo Gallery

New England Cedar Fences, a leading fence manufacturing company, is using their photo gallery to gain popularity with new customers

New England Cedar Fences is one of the best fence manufacturing companies in the world and they seized on a chance to use their photo gallery to gain popularity.

With other companies, they have just put a regular photo gallery on their website and they have had to pay to host the images. However, New England Cedar Fences found Houzz and they realized that they could get so much more out of their own gallery.

Houzz.com is a website where people can upload their pictures for free and they can have their own gallery page. On the page, there are links to the main site, information about the company and social networking links where customers can share the images.

There is also a section where customers can review the company and give them stars based on their experience with the company. The reviews are all linked to main website.

New England Cedar Fences decided to remove their own photo gallery and add the Houzz gallery instead. Their customers can access Houzz from the gallery section of their website. They can share, like, comment or review, without even moving from the New England Cedar Fence website.

The company has indicated that the number of sales and queries that they have received about custom cedar fences has almost doubled since they introduced the Houzz photo gallery. They highly recommend the website to other people in the industry.

A company spokesperson added, "We are very happy with the success of the new photo gallery. We feel that the Houzz gallery better serves our needs as a company. We are planning on updating the gallery as often as we can and we encourage our customers to share, review and like so that we can spread the word."

New England Cedar Fence is very popular because they put a lot of care into their work and they are passionate about fencing. The number of customers that they have continues to rise and they hope to hire more staff in the near future.

About New England Cedar Fence

New England Cedar Fence is a company that specializes in picket fencing and they first opened for business in 2009. Steve Huntoon opened the business after accumulating more than 10 years in the picket fencing and he noticed that there was a gap in the market for traditional styles western white and red cedar picket fencing. He wanted to work in this niche as opposed to the highly priced custom fence and the low quality vinyl fencing. The company is located in Salmon Falls Mills, but they do have a very successful website as well. You can visit their website at http://www.newenglandcedarfence.com

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