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New Directory Helps Gay Men Connect Online

Gay Omegle, a website devoted to helping gay men connect with each other online, is happy to announce its opening.

Gay Omegle, a website devoted to helping gay men connect with each other online, is happy to announce its opening. With social networking growing in popularity each year, saw an opportunity to help gay men better target their online interactions. offers a wide variety of methods for connecting by maintaining an updated directory of the top gay chat social network sites similar to and available. Users can connect via chat room, text messages, or video chats. One such option is gay roulette chat. In these sites, a user is randomly paired in a room with someone currently logged in to the system. Many of the sites do not require registration to participate, although some do.

One of the social networks linked to through the website is Gaybook, which is a site that uses the Facebook platform to connect users. The site offers a safe chat experience, as each new member is subject to a screening process before their account is activated. Once an account is active, members can connect by sharing videos, pictures, and private messages.

Social networks are not the only way to connect with other people online and Gay Omegle strives to give users every opportunity to meet people and share information. The site lists a variety of social networking sites where one can contribute to online magazines, start their own blog, or just connect. For professional writers, or people looking to transition into writing full-time, being able to start a blog on a social network can be essential for building an online presence.

The Gay Omegle directory in addition to listing gay sites like Omegle also directs people to physical locations where people can meet as well. The original gay chat platform was founded in 2008 and amassed over 100,000 views in its first month. Since its opening, the platform has consistently been evolving in order to protect its members and add new ways to connect, including a Dorm Chat option that began in 2014 where users submit their university-issued e-mail address to get access.

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