New Diet Book Offers Solution for Those Who Want a Flat Stomach and Ideal Body Weight

This new diet book is just the solution many people need to get and keep a flat stomach and ideal body weight. The Flat Stomach Diet offers simple to follow methods anyone can use.

The simple way to a permanently flat stomach and ideal body weight is given in a new book by Elizabeth Hartley, The Flat Stomach Diet: Get Rid Of Stomach Bloating Quickly, Easily And Permanently (ISBN-10: 145387304X; publisher Create Space).

Frustrated dieters will rejoice when they learn how easy it is to reshape their diet so they can continue to eat the foods they enjoy and still obtain a flat stomach and ideal body weight. Hartley has provided a simple, easy way for anyone to obtain visible results in just three to seven days.

"There are no foods banned from your diet, no calories to count, and no drastic, long-term diet regime that forbids your favorite foods. The Flat Stomach Diet enables anyone to maintain a flat stomach and their ideal weight," explained Hartley.

The Flat Stomach Diet is available through the online book seller Amazon, and is also available directly from the author's web site at

The book provides delicious recipes that are easy to make and easy to incorporate into a daily diet. It also teaches the use of acupressure and massage techniques for a flatter belly, and includes the top five most popular diet tips.

There are no pills, supplements, or expensive exercise equipment to buy. Everything that is needed to succeed is contained in this all-inclusive book.

"Anyone who has suffered with the discomfort of stomach bloating will be pleased with how easy it is to eliminate this problem, get a flat stomach, and maintain it," said Hartley.

The book describes how to identify which foods contain the main ingredient that has been proven to cause stomach bloating in many people. It also teaches how to eliminate those foods from the diet with the help of charts and easy to follow recipes such as Chicken Cobbler, Salmon Pasta, Savoury Beef Pie, and many More.

Problem foods and ingredients are then gradually re-introduced back into the daily diet.

The Flat Stomach Diet is a carefully devised diet plan, specifically designed to help reduce the discomfort of stomach bloating.

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