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New CRAIC Technologies' 20/30 PV™ - Seamless Fluorescence & Raman Microspectroscopy And More From The UV To The NIR

Elliot Scientific is now offering the new 20/30 PV™ Series UV-Vis-NIR Microspectrophotometer from CRAIC Technologies to scientists in the UK and Ireland.

Elliot Scientific is now offering the new 20/30 PV™ Series UV-Vis-NIR Microspectrophotometer from CRAIC Technologies to scientists in the UK and Ireland. As the latest product of the company, the 20/30 PV™ microspectrophotometer excels in non-destructive rapid analysis of many types of sub-micron or larger samples from the deep ultraviolet to the near infrared. The multiple techniques available include absorbance, reflectance, Raman, luminescence, and fluorescence among others.

The 20/30 PV™ Microspectrophotometer incorporates the latest technological advances in optics, spectroscopy and software to deliver the best performance in a microspectrophotometer to date. Yet it retains the ease-of-use for which CRAIC instruments are known and represents a further step forward in UV-visible-NIR microspectroscopy.

Touch screen controls, sophisticated software, calibrated variable apertures and other innovations all point to a new level of sophistication in microanalysis, and while microspectra are being acquired, the sample may be simultaneously viewed in the deep UV and NIR with the high-resolution digital imaging system or in the visible through the research grade eyepiece optics. Images and time-resolved spectral data are acquired and recorded in one rapid seamless operation from across the instrument's extended spectral range.

The 20/30 PV™ Microspectrophotometer's analytical capabilities are useful in many fields of research, and some of the possible applications for it include:

- OLED's & Flat Panel Colour Masks
- Thin Film Metrology
- MEMS Devices
- Forensic Analysis
- Photovoltaic Cell Characterisation
- Surface Plasmon Resonance
- Photonic Bandgap Crystals
- Process Impurity Detection
- Protein Crystal Measurement
- Combinatorial Chemistry
- Kinetic Spectroscopy
- Mineral Analysis

The 20/30 PV™ is more than just a scientific instrument... it is the solution to many analytical challenges and the best performing microspectrophotometer to date.

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CRAIC Technologies, Inc. is a global technology leader focused on innovations for microscopy and microspectroscopy in the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared regions. CRAIC Technologies provides answers for customers in forensic sciences, biotechnology, semiconductor, geology, nanotechnology and materials science markets who demand quality, accuracy, precision, speed and the best in customer support. For more information, please visit www.microspectra.com

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