New Carbon Economics and United Independents Group Team Up to Promote the Environmental Documentary Film 26000 Feet Into the Death Zone: Cleaning Everest

New Carbon Economics and United Independents Group Team Up join hands for a cause

Today New Carbon Economics' CEO Ian Adlington and Marina Martins, CEO of United Independents Group are very pleased to announce a strategic alliance for promoting the most awaited environmental docudrama of the year 26,000 Feet Into the Death Zone: Cleaning Everest (WEB/FACEBOOK ADDRESS HERE) with a release date of January 2014. New Carbon Economics (WEB/FACEBOOK ADDRESS HERE) is an advisor to many significant environmental projects around the globe. This ambitious association with UIG and, particularly with Marina Martins, Director of the documentary , creates an opportunity for both executives to work together as one team in this changing global environment by realizing the financial considerations with a key focus on global economic and environmental issues; particularly regarding the risks related to climate change and the critical balance between our planet and our economy.

Death Zone is a self documented movie about a team of Nepali Sherpas, who risk their lives to clean Mount Everest, the Mountain they worship. Decades of climbing has left the mountain littered with trash and abandoned dead bodies. Climate change is melting ice, garbage accelerates the process, and thawing bodies are deteriorating, rotting into a water source of 1.3 billion people. Marina Martins, the Director, writer and Producer of the Death Zone movie explains why these Sherpas risked their lives to clean the mountain: "This Mountain is a living entity for Sherpas, she is their home, she is a living Goddess, and she represents life. They don't care whose garbage it is, or who is responsible, but they believe that they are the only one who can clean it, therefore they must. They hope their example has an impact on the rest of humanity about cleaning or taking care of their own environment."

Expressing his enthusiasm on this occasion, Ian Adlington, CEO, New Carbon Economics, said: "The Death Zone movie is an inspiration for what must be done by each of us, keeping our own backyard, our planet clean. Marina Martins is a dear friend of mine, and she is one the finest movie directors in the world. So far, it is still an uphill battle to clean Mount Everest, and Marina's film increases people's awareness, and that, without any doubt in my mind, will bring about action and belief that each of us can make a difference. New Carbon Economics sees a great potential in this documentary of how we can tangibly make a difference for our Planet."

Marina Martins is thrilled about building an alliance with New Carbon Economics. Marina said: "I am very grateful to have the support of New Carbon Economics to help us build awareness and participation through education and action campaigns. I have a firm belief that activities which are going to impact the planet are deeply dependent on analyzing and solving the economic problems that are inherent in the logistics. As much as I appreciate the good intentions of passionate individuals, like myself, without economic support our impact is incredibly limited. I don't believe that the pollution, specifically caused by black carbon, will be overcome without immediate and calculable economic stimulus. "

New Carbon Economics headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with satellite offices in Hong Kong, Australia and London. New Carbon Economics is focusing on monetizing black carbon projects. To help businesses, states, and countries achieve this, we can advise, structure, and create financial mechanisms to enable carbon centric projects, large and small.

United Independents Group is an umbrella organization under which seasoned producers, directors and talent combine and interact with each other to bring to fruition product that is entertaining and viable while generating awareness and leaving an impact on the audience; inspiring each one to engage in social action to benefit us all.

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