New Canadian Website Officially Launched | - Advice for Canadians Seeking Wealth has officially launched. It is now Canada's online source for financial planning, personal finance, tax tips, career advice and investing information.

Canadians are constantly searching for ways to increase their wealth. They look for ways to get ahead in their careers, to save more money, pay less tax, and earn more on their investments.

Building wealth is very important, and a trustworthy source has just launched -

Started by a group of professionals consisting of designated Chartered Professional Accountants, and MBAs - is a great and trustworthy source for tips and tricks on how to earn more.

The writers are experienced in all aspects of finance, including tax and investments, and have a wide variety of professional experience as well.

With a focus on providing new and creative ways for Canadians to help themselves increase their net worth, it is a one-stop-shop for simple tips that everyone can use.

The website is constantly being updated with new ideas, and will be expanding over the next several months to include additional areas of interest.

Currently the three categories being covered are: Personal Finance, Tax Tips and Career Advice.

The website includes many ways to share the content on various social media platforms, to make it easy for Canadians to share these excellent wealth building tips with their friends and network.

No sign up is required. An optional opt-in newsletter will be launching later this year.

Although there are alternatives out there, as noted above, the focus will be on creativity and ease of implementation for each piece of advice. The creators of the site do not see much value in providing tips that Canadians will then need to hire a professional for hundreds of dollars per hour in order to be able to use.

Simple, easy and creative ways to build wealth -

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