New Caledonia Travel Guide Launched

New Caledonia, a little known French South Pacific territory, is the subject of a new online travel guide from

The travel website has launched a complete online guide to the South Pacific territory of New Caledonia. The material is based on the 8th edition of Moon Handbooks South Pacific, published in 2004 by Avalon Travel of Berkeley, California. Internet users now have free access to material previously available only in a bulky ink and paper book.

Author David Stanley has updated the guidebook's text and streamlined the navigation with dropdown and right menus. The website's 98 pages fully explore this major French colony, from the capital Noumea to the outer edges of Grande Terre and the Loyalty Islands. There are eight detailed guidebook maps of Isle of Pines, Lifou, Mare, New Caledonia, North Province, Noumea, Ouvea, and South Province, plus charts, photos, and line drawings. The introduction covers the geography, history, economy, and people of New Caledonia, while Travel Facts reveals the nuts and bolts of practical travel. All of the site's features are just a click away.

New Caledonia is not well known outside the South Pacific. It's a large French colony between Australia and Fiji consisting on a single cigar-shaped high island and a chain of low tropical islands to the east. Among these is Lifou Island, the largest elevated atoll in the South Pacific. Ouvea Island is a classic atoll with exceptional beaches. Mare Island is a repository of Melanesian cultural traditions. These appealing areas combine nicely with the chic colonial capital Noumea where high rollers mix with gendarmes and topless sunbathers. Anyone interested in this part of the world will be hard pressed to find a better resource than the New Caledonia Travel Guide at

The website provides original travel information on 15 South Pacific countries and territories. There are detailed travel guides, answers to frequently asked questions, maps, weather and festival listings, and a blog. New Caledonia is the 11th Pacific destination to have a complete, multi-page travel guide on the site. More at

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