New Bungee Tie Down System for Hunting and Fishing by LoopRope™

The Hunters Combo Pack Tie Down System by LoopRope is the ultimate hunting and camping accessory. This tie down system is Lightweight, super strong, and infinitely versatile making it easy to set up a functional camp and secure gear or equipment.

Traditional bungee cords and tie downs, or even worse homemade bungee straps made for securing cargo and other items, are notorious for causing serious injury. Poor material quality and stored energy are a recipe for disaster. LoopRope has revolutionized the bungee tie down industry with their ground breaking LoopRope product creating a safe, effective and infinitely more versatile tie down system .

LoopRope's New Combo Pack for Hunters is more than an accessory - it's a necessity. When packing light for mobility, increased functionality for any item makes a huge difference. The hunters combo pack is a unique tie down system designed with this in mind.

The LoopRope is a flexible system of super tough bungee straps that come in 3ft, 4ft, and 5-foot lengths. Each strap comes with 2 stainless steel clips to secure each end. One 5 foot LoopRope gives you 10 custom tie down lengths and over 18 attachment points. LoopRope makes it easy for hunters and fishers to secure just about anything including their gear, boats, quads, ladder stands, tree stands, items to back backs, and general use around the camp. You can see photos of the LoopRope in action, submitted by real people who use and love the LoopRope bungee tie downs for hunting .

The Hunter Pack Tie Down System Includes:
• (1) 3ft LoopRope bungee tie down.
• (1) 4ft LoopRope bungee tie down.
• (1) 5ft LoopRope bungee tie down.
• (6) Stainless steel carabeners for secure fastening.

Key Features of the LoopRope Tie Downs:
• LoopRope Utilizes bungees crimped at several intervals.
• Each loop can be an additional fastening point - increases stability and security.
• Using multiple LoopRope tie down straps allows you to create cargo nets for your truck or exactly where you need them.
• The LoopRope tie down system is much simpler and safer than traditional bungee or rope tie downs.
• Replaces traditional bungee cords with high quality shock cord and stainless steel carabener.
• Quickly and easily secures cargo or equipment with no need to tie knots.
• Looprope never tangles.
• One LoopRope tie down strap solves many fastening problems.
• Satisfaction guaranteed!

For more information about LoopRope or the tie down combo pack for hunters visit: www.LoopRope.com

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