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New Brands and Product Lines Now Added to Funky Wellies Comparison Site

Comparison website Funky Wellies UK adds a new range of brands to the website and moves towards becoming a more three dimensional provider of welly deals online.

Since the launch of the Funky Wellies UK site in 2011 traffic levels have recently risen into the tens of thousands per month. The surge in traffic throughout the year comes from savvy shoppers often looking to gain a bargain on designer wellies. Now into its second year the Funky Wellies comparison site has recently added a range of new brands and products onsite.

Alongside the popular Hunter wellies there have been a number of new brands gracing the website deals including Crocs, Joules, Aigle and Le Chameau. Most of these brands have come from the top end of the market where certain pairs can cost a buyer hundreds of pounds. The team at Funky Wellies however has sought to find some bargains which have usually come down to half the price in many cases though they're still at the high end of welly costs. Some of these brands boast brightly coloured products in metallic, blues, reds and yellows.

Owner of the site Craig Cartwright said "Adding more new designer wellies to the site has given a more three dimensional approach to finding discounted wellies, it means we can now offer great deals around more than just the popular Hunter wellies which have already sold well in 2013".

"Aigle, Le Chameau and Crocs are well sought after welly types and although some can go over the hundred pound mark it just goes to show what people are willing to pay to look good in the great outdoors".

He continued "An upcoming plan was to be a more personalised approach to our blogging strategy. By posting first hand experiences we think we can reach out to people looking to have similar life experiences and try to be more connected with the online culture. Bucket lists and adventures are all part of that."

Funky Wellies UK is a comparison site created in 2011 to help provide deals on cheap funky wellies available in the UK.

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