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New Book Shows How to Enjoy Booze and Stay Slim Too

In his latest book on low-carbohydrate nutrition and life-style, Gary McCarty brings the principles of balancing good carbs and bad carbs to the art of social drinking.

The fifth in a series of authoritative works on low-carbohydrate life maintenance and weight loss, "The Beer, Wine and Cheese Diet" complements the original title in the series, "The Carb Swappers Diet," and reveals the essentials of keeping the weight off if you like to drink socially.

The new e-book details the author's proven system for balancing good carbohydrates with bad carbohydrates for weight loss and maintenance, as well as improving one's health through glucose and blood pressure control from healthful nutrition.

The book, by researcher and journalist Gary McCarty, is aimed at social drinkers and not at promoting alcohol use, rather at preventing the empty calories from social drinking becoming a weight and waistline issue.

"The Beer, Wine and Cheese Diet" guide follows the principles the author practiced and explained in four previous works that are still available. In addition to "The Carb Swappers Diet," Mr. McCarty has authored "It's the Carbs, Stupid," "Poop More, Live Longer," and "The Carb Swappers Diet Guide." Each works complements the others by bringing new scientific evidence to the importancof eating in a low-carb, high-fiber way, without sacrificing the tastes and comfort foods you grew up with.
The e-book is available in the Amazon Kindle format as well as many other e-reader formats.

The author, who has been a journalist, editor and publisher his entire career, confesses to being Irish and a devotes of good food and booze, whose own experience with packing on the pounds and approaching type 2 diabetes onset spurred him to develop The Carb Swappers Diet.

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