New Book Reveals Secrets Behind Success In The Software Industry

New book lets software entrepreneurs leverage recent software business research for their success

Executives in the software industry must create and change business models, must adapt their revenue models to new realities.
But how do they get the latest wisdom on how to be successful in the software industry? How can they get quick access to the latest and greatest research results?

Lots of valuable research is done on the software business and successful software companies. But how can researchers get their insults to entrepreneurs to leverage the most recent and highly relevant research on success in the software business?

The new book "Advances in software business" has all the answers. It condenses key research articles on software business models, software ecosystems and partner models in one book. So the search for the right information is over. it is all here in this exclusive collection of articles.

All aspects of the software industry from commercial software to open source software, from small to large software vendors, from business models to revenue models is covered in the featured articles in this book.

Examples from many successful software companies like Google, SAP and Microsoft allow software professionals to leverage the research presented. Executives can now choose the right business model for their software company, create and execute on a successful ecosystem strategy and partner models for business success.

You can order the book now as print from amazon and other book shops or as e-book from amazon, iBooks using the ISBN: 978-3844804058. More information can be found here:

Book editor is Dr. Karl Michael Popp (www.drkarlpopp.com), a renowned expert in the software business. Dr. Popp has workee with over a hundred software companies and is a member of IEEE and ACM. He has authored numerous articles, books and video seminars on the software industry, including the bestselling book „Profit from software ecosystems" www.profitfromsoftwareecosystems.com .

The book appears in the „Synomic Academy" collection.

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