New Book Helps Travelers Stay Healthy

Lotus Press announces the availability of a new book aimed at helping people be healthy and stay healthy while traveling.

The Naturally Healthy Traveler: Effective Solutions for Common Ailments on the Road and at Home is a handy pocket-sized book that is packed with useful and well-organized information. The Naturally Healthy Traveler tells the reader how to locate and use remedies from health food stores, kitchens, groceries, online sites, the wilderness, and even your own backyard, to relieve common ailments and stresses so often experienced when traveling. It's packed with helpful information the reader will use again and again, and is the perfect companion for business, holiday, adventure and armchair travel.
The new book is available online and in bookstores. The handy 4x6" format is convenient for purse, backpack, pouch or attache case. The book has 240 pages and is listed under ISBN 978-0-9409-8504-9 and is priced at $10.95. More information:
Susan Kramer is a therapeutic herbalist and classical homeopathic practitioner in private practice. She travels widely and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Noted experts and authors have praised The Naturally Healthy Traveler. David Winston, author of Herbal Therapy and Supplements writes: "Packing The Naturally Healthy Traveler could make the difference between a wonderful trip and one you would rather forget. Don't leave home without it!"

"Good solid excellent companion for every traveler's suitcase!" advises Miranda Castro, author of The Complete Homeopathy Handbook.

"The Naturally Healthy Traveler is fantastic-fun, practical and medically accurate." Advises Christiane Northrup, M.D. and author of The Wisdom of Menopause

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