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New Book by Michael Anthony Alberta Correlates Exotic Topics Like Transhumanism and Sacred Geometry to Body Art (Tattooing, Piercing and Body Modification.)

This manuscript describes a fusion of art, science, and shamanism. Some view it as an introduction to energy healing through the alternate expressions of body art. While others can't help but to ask themselves, How far are people willing to go?

Michael Anthony Alberta controversial new author and artist, writes Leaving a Mark- dedicated to describing not only the physical but also the emotional, psychological, and spiritual corridors that a true appreciation of body artistry represents. This book concerns the basic precepts of human addendums, focusing primarily on the immaterial. In other words, Leaving a Mark focuses on the basic principles of human enhancement- all across the board.. As readers advance through the chapters, they'll find the metaphysical making its transition into corporeal reality. Through a combination of modern and ancient technology—the cutting edge of current neuroscience and age-old insights from those who spent years understanding the nature of their bodies and how energy moves through them.

So his book isn't just about a microdermal piercing on the back of the neck or a tattoo on the ribs, Leaving a Mark epitomizes the quintessence of body art. Inside, Michael Anthony Alberta writes about symbolism, bloodletting, chakras, and other esoteric knowledge related to Body Art. All of that has to be presented and discussed to understand what's at stake when artists currently mark customers and to manage such behavior in the future. Leaving a Mark takes readers through the metamorphosis from body modification onto bio hacking into cybernetics, genetic uplifts and so on. The ethics of changing human biology in the face of incomplete knowledge is a bit questionable no doubt. Still, these are procreative liberties and human rights Michael is talking about. Everyone tampers with fundamental aspects of the body in one way or another. Leaving a Mark asks readers if Earth can retain its humanity as people continue sych alterations in the future all while, coming full circle, by bringing body art back from where it once came, as a medicinal practice.

"Interesting subject matter and well-written"
- David Sereda scientist, TV personality, author, and producer.

"Fascinating read, discusses topics that are seldom brought up in the field of Body Art"
- Al Fliction, World-Renown Tattoo Artist, Reality T.V star, and owner of multiple tattoo and piercing studios all over the world.

"Leaving a Mark ask very important questions everyone can relate too, regardless of what profession they're in"
- Sonia Barret, Filmmaker, Radio Show Host and Author

Leaving a Mark ISBN 9781483402253) is available in paperback or eBook almost everywhere books are sold including Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Apple, Amazon, EBay, Etsy, Lulu and more

About Author
Michael Anthony Alberta is formally educated in various forms of body work, body art, and subtle energy. His training led him to start Dynamic Body Art Institute, produce a medicinal modality with an accompanying software application and author a couple books around these topics within the past few months. Body Art Learners Guide was written first, then Leaving a Mark. Michael also originated Quantum Body Jewelry with Light Stream Technologies. Michael Anthony Alberta's research into geomancy, symbolism and human vortex points allowed him to articulate a system for not only their application, but marking the body in general.

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Dynamic Body Art Institute
11th Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL 33139
[Editors Note: http://facebook.com/dbainstitute and https://www.youtube.com/user/DynamicBodyartInst73

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