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New blog called Annmarie Kostyk immerses you in the world of chocolate.

The blog Annmarie Kostyk has the mantra: All chocolate. All the time.

This website is a haven for all of the chocolate lover's out there to learn more about the world of chocolate including the history of chocolate, chocolate bar reviews, chocolate shows and festivals, chocolate recipes, bean to bar makers, chocolatiers, confectioners, books about chocolate, chocolate in the news, sustainability, how to taste chocolate and more. Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate, the one affordable luxury. The blog may be found at

Annmarie Kostyk is a Professional Chocolatier who graduated with honors from Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver, British Columbia. Annmarie has written four books: The Chocolate Travel Guide: United States Edition 2010, Chocolate is Healthy!: Myths, Truths and Delicious Recipes, The Chocolate Lovers' Guide and Tasting Journal and Marais Chocolate Skin Care: Luxury Chocolate Spa at Home. She writes for numerous websites on food, health and home. She lives in Chicago.

Annmarie is available for interviews, book signing events and photo opportunities. The blog is also accepting advertisers. Please contact directly for further information.

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