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New Birth Book Debunks The Most Dangerous Part Of Childbirth

"Birth Book #2 is the first book of its kind.Focusing solely on the first hour after birth, this book gives parents evidenced based actions they can take immediately after birth to boost their baby's health immediately and for the rest of their life.

As parents wipe tears of joy from their eyes after the birth of their baby, they have no idea how easily, at that very moment, they could be positively impacting their baby's health for life.

"There's a huge gap between what science says and the maternity care most babies and women actually receive. Why aren't birth classes and providers optimizing the health of babies and moms based on the medically proven research studies? If doctors, midwives, hospitals and birth classes know what the medical research says, then they're willingly exposing women and babies to unnecessary risks." says Steve, Navy pilot, birth educator and co-author of the Birth Book Series.

Birth Book #2 teaches moms the scientifically proven and easy ways to optimize their baby's health in that first hour after birth, which improves baby's health for life. Birth Book #2 focuses solely on that special hour, which is often called "The Golden Hour." No other pregnancy book teaches moms how to optimize their baby's "Golden Hour." Steve and Sarah are thrilled that the first book of its kind is available to new parents everywhere, available on

Sarah Blight, co-author of the Birth Book Series says "Your baby has to do at least a dozen miracles to be healthy right after birth. Did you know that? I sure didn't. Even after taking a $150 birth class and after the birth of my second baby, I never knew or heard about all the things my little, precious, bundle of joy had to do that I could have easily helped with. I just wasn't taught any of this stuff that is so important to baby's health. Babies have to do things like:

-Inflate their lungs instantly so they can breathe (from being submerged in fluid)

-Circulate blood to all their capillaries

-Automatically close their heart's ductus arteriosus blood vessel so they can grow a healthy heart

-Use their own liver for the first time to metabolize fat stores
-Start fighting off bacteria for the first time
and so, so much more."

So why is the most important hour of a baby's entire life the most overlooked part of childbirth?

"One of the most dangerous parts of childbirth is actually believing what most providers, birth classes, friends & family tell you...most people tell you 'well, you really don't have any control over your baby's health after birth, there's nothing you can do but hope for the best and let the labor and delivery staff do their thing.' That's just factually incorrect. That is not what proven medical science says. Yet it's what many providers and birth classes lazily teach." says Steve.

The scientifically proven ways parents can improve their baby's health offer "clinically measurable" results. Results like these:

-Give their baby up to 33% more oxygen rich, iron rich and stem cell rich blood

-Help their baby take their first breath & lessen the chance of respiratory distress

-Get their baby more iron- critical for healthy brain & central nervous system development

-Get their baby more oxygen for healthier brain functioning
and the Blights go into detail on many more ways that parents can help boost their baby's health. And the results last a lifetime.

Birth Book #2 gives parents the supporting evidence to back up all these benefits (research from The US Cochrane Center at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, the World Health Organization & a lot more) and features some of the top doctors, midwives, and researchers in the world: Dr. Sarah Buckley, Barbara Harper, Rebecca Dekker PhD, Dr. Sidonio, Dr. Morad, Dr. Lucky Jain & Mavis Schorn PhD.

Dr. Michele Odent, a world reknown Ob/Gyn says, "The hour following birth is undoubtedly one of the most critical phases in the life of human beings."

Why would parents choose to sit and watch their babies trying to transition to life outside the womb, during their most important hour of their lives, when science has proven how easily they could help their babies transition with better health?

Parents don't know the impact they can make. By educating and learning during pregnancy, parents have a massive opportunity to impact their baby's health immediately and for the rest of their lives.

"Birth Book #2- 8 Proven Ways to Have a Healthier Baby After Birth (what studies show and many providers never tell you about your baby's first hour)" is available now on

Sarah & Steve Blight are the parents of two kids and the founders of, a website where moms learn how to have an easier labor and healthier birth. Your Baby Booty is the only pregnancy and birth education connecting first-time moms directly with the top maternity care experts.

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