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New Apple-Compatible Hearing Aids Hit The Market

Hearing aids are no longer bulky devices that your grandmother used to wear. In fact, hearing aids are about to get pretty cool now that Apple has entered the hearing aid market. Find out how Apple is revolutionizing the hearing aid industry with som

For years now, Apple devices have been all the rage. People wait in lineups for days to get the new iPad, iPod or iPhone on the first day it's released. And now Apple - the company of cool - is going to make your hearing aids cool too.

Hearing Aids Connect To Your iPhoneApple collaborated with audiologists and hearing aid manufacturers to develop a new hearing aid technology that is compatible with your mobile Apple device like your iPad or iPhone. The hearing aids connect wirelessly to Apple devices that use the iOS 7 operating system, which already has technology built in for people with hearing aids and hearing impairments.

Hearing Aids Can Work As A Bluetooth HeadphoneThe hearing aids work as other hearing aids do by amplifying conversations and sounds happening around the user. But they also work wirelessly with Apple devices to mimic Bluetooth headphones so that phone calls, music, movies, navigation directions and other media can be streamed right into the hearing aid's earpiece.

Mobile Devices As MicrophonesThe new technology even allows the Apple device to be turned into a microphone. When someone is in a loud environment - such as a loud restaurant or a sports event - and wants to focus on just one conversation, the iPad or iPhone can be used as a microphone, with the sound streaming directly into the listener's ears.

Change The Settings From Your PhoneThese hearing aids are the cutting edge of cool. Using these hearing aids and the new technology that Apple has developed, you will be able to change the settings on the hearing aids directly from your phone. You could be adjusting the volume on your hearing aids, but everyone else will think you're just checking your email.

GPS Tracking For Hearing AidsUsing GPS technology, you'll never have to worry about losing your hearing aids again. If you misplace them, your Apple device can use GPS tracking in the hearing aids to help you find them.

Hearing Aids For EveryoneGiven that only one out of five people who need hearing aids actually have them, this new technology could open up the hearing aid market to a lot of people who have resisted getting hearing aids in the past. Despite the advances in technology that have made hearing aids smaller, easier to use, and more discreet than ever, some people are still uncomfortable with the idea of wearing hearing aids. But with Apple now in the hearing aid business, perceptions may change quickly.

An Audiologist Will Help You Get The Right FitYou won't find these new hearing aids next to the iPhones at your local Apple Store. Hearing aids are specialized, personalized devices that require the special skill of an audiologist to properly fit and adjust them to your specific type and degree of hearing loss, your activities, lifestyle and preferences.

If you've been avoiding getting your hearing tested, now is the time. The Apple-compatible hearing aids are just one of many that may be suitable for you. Our experienced audiologists will work with you to get the right sound, and the right fit, to suit your unique needs.

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