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New App To Free Lawyers From Heavy Burden Of Paperwork Launched In Kenya.

As Kenya embraces the dawn of the digital age, young entrepreneurial IT experts are dedicating countless hours and vast resources to take advantage of this groundbreaking opportunity before it gains root .

"We wanted to come up with a software that helps Kenyan lawyers stay organized when it comes to task management, systematic documentation, case file updates and following up on meetings on their laptops, phones and devices like tablets and so forth," says IT specialist Kihato Mwangi.

"And not just that," adds Mr. Dennis Gachoki of Focweb Technologies. "Talk of case handling or client-attorney communication. Yes, even client billing, case assessments and appointment scheduling…. We offer all that on Sheriasoft."

Mr.Dennis and Mr.Kihato dedicated several hours every day for the past 3 months to innovate a system that would integrate as much activity that pertains to a lawyer as possible into Sheriasoft.
"This is not just another invention," reiterates Mr. Kihato, "this is a revolutionary step in the law system as we know it that is definitely set to go beyond the borders of East Africa.

When President Uhuru Kenyatta emphasized on the need for Kenyans to embrace the digital age, Mr.Gachoki and I felt the urge to spread the digital tentacles of our time into various sectors of the economy."

As Mr. Kihato Mwangi speaks, Mr. Dennis Gachoki switches on his laptop and shows me the various features of Sheriasoft. "As you can see here, we have the record keeping interface that shows the date of various cases, time of recording and the law courts that the lawyer is supposed to attend to his case. And if you look closer," continues Mr. Dennis "here you can see there is a coding interface for comparing notes regarding various cases."

"For instance, assuming that a lawyer is handling a case right now that's similar to a case he did one year ago, in normal situations, he would have to go back to the files in his office that are manually stacked and he would take long hours perusing through them before finding that case."

"But with Sheriasoft, he can simply come to the coding section whereby similar cases have a similar code, and with a simple click over here (Mr. Gachoki demonstrates at this point), as you can see here, I've entered this code and the related cases have come up. Very simple and easy…"

Indeed, as many Sheriasoft consumers are going to find out, the potential of this software to save time and enhance efficiency in Kenyan law firms is quite phenomenal.
"But, this is just the beginning." Adds Mr. Kihato Mwangi. "We will keep on updating Sheriasoft as we get feedback from our customers and expert advice on how to improve its performance and who knows, we might impact the world and put Kenya on the global IT arena."

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