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New Affordable Reinforced Concrete Future Mobile Homes To Be Built In Florida

Evergreen Eco Homes, LLC announced today the new affordable reinforced concrete future mobile homes to be built in central Florida beginning in March 2014.

Franklin D. Lopez-Lazaro, CEO of Evergreen expressed "this the housing of the future because in can withstand category 5 hurricanes & provide a safe room for even category 5 tornadoes." Designed using the newest structural technologies and lite concrete formulas "Evergreen Eco Homes brings a new, safe and everlasting home built with proprietary reinforced concrete formula to provide you and your family a new lifestyle with security to withstand hurricanes & tornados.

The floor plan of the unit has a "panic room" providing instant protection from tornadoes and hurricanes." The Evergreen Eco Homes is 100% American made and built with proprietary structural design with patent pending.

The modern architectural design provides an elegant home with natural light and air circulation improving the quality of life of residents! The CEO of Evergreen Eco Homes mentioned 8 reasons to acquire the mobile home and house of the future:

Eight Reasons for you to consider the Evergreen Eco Homes solution:

1. Re-enforced concrete with insulation makes it an eco friendly four seasons housing unit. 2. Solar panels to produce electricity & lower utility bills 3. Water cistern to gather rain water for gardening, automobile washing 4. Panic Room to protect families against tornadoes or Category 3-5 hurricanes. 5. Built with lite concrete providing durability, strength and protection to families. 6. Built using construction steel & aluminum forms making the structure monolithic for maximum strength. 7. Leed lighting system to lower utility bills and 8. 100% financing for 20 years through the Housing & Urban Development to qualifying families.

Evergreen Eco Homes staff with 35 years of experience in reinforced concrete construction has developed an advance deployment and construction program that can fast track the delivery of your Mobile Home of the Future. "The preliminary marketing test have been extremely successful and we are receiving pre-applications for mobile homes through out the State of Florida at info@evergreenecohomes.com" indicated the CEO.

Attention Editors: For media interviews please send us an email request to info(at)evergreenecohomes.com and we will contact you immediately. Evergreen Eco Homes has designed an advance deployment in locating your unit in the lot of your choice after soil study confirmation!

Architectural designed by the prestigious firm Alvarado and Associates the Evergreen Eco Homes comes in different sizes with three or two bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen and 1 bath. Units can be expanded to add bedrooms, baths and terraces. The affordable unit of two bedrooms with living, dining, kitchen and 1 bath starts at $ 69,678.00.

For information please visit evergreenecohomes.com to see the different models and the new Mobile Home and House of the Future built with reinforced concrete to last for generations.

Mr. Frankln Lopez Lazaro, CEO
Evergreen Eco Homes, LLC
Main National Office
703 La Paz St., Miramar
San Juan, PR 00907

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Frankln Lopez Lazaro
Evergreen Eco Homes
Evergreen Eco Homes
Main National Office
703 La Paz St., Miramar
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