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New 6-11 Dental Studio Vice-President Prepares for Industry Transformation

New 6-11 Dental Studio Vice-President Prepares for Industry Transformation " VP Marc Shapiro Discusses New Role & Industry Outlook "

Two months ago, 6-11 Dental Studio, a premier dental lab based out of Lake Forest, CA, welcomed experienced Operations Management professional, Marc Shapiro to the staff to provide better support for their business processes and enhance the customer experience for their clients.

In his short tenure with the dental lab, Shapiro has improved the company's Human Resources department to increase employee retention, introduced new state of the art lab management software to increase productivity and communication within the lab, and is developing a client portal on the 6-11 Dental Studio website (http://www.611dentalstudio.com) to allow clients the ability to stay informed on their orders and cases with the lab.

"This was already a great dental lab with a lot of great things going on," said VP Marc Shapiro. "What I've really done when I came here is brought a lot of defined disciplines, processes and measurements. As a rule, if you can't measure it, you can't control it; and if you can't control it, you can't improve it.

"Our quality is already at the top level. Thus, we want to build processes and ensure that every job that goes out, meets our quality."

With a background that began in Operations Management, working with multiple retail service groups for over 20 years, Shapiro brings a sound understanding for how a business should be ran and operated as well as firsthand knowledge of how technology can drastically shakeup an industry.

"In Operations, I feel that [my experience] transfers because I've worked for several companies that were in a very similar place," said Shapiro. "The retail industry started going through its transformation about 10 years ago and it's the transformation I see the dental lab industry going through now.

"Technology is constantly improving, becoming more affordable, and the labs that embrace technology will continue to move forward and the labs that fail to will either be acquired or they'll just go away."

Shapiro's comments refer to a major shift in the dental lab industry that has seen advancements in technology but also a sharp decline with dental labs closing across the country. He believes that 6-11 Dental Studio will avoid the challenges facing other dental labs due to its early adoption of new technology, as well as its top-level service and strategic growth plan.

"I'm so grateful that I was able to find 6-11 [Dental Studio] and that they were able to find me. I think it's such a great match," said Shapiro. "This company is the perfect space to take advantage of my skills and what I bring to the table. I can't believe all the opportunities that we have. I think this industry is going to change dramatically over the next few years and we want to be at the forefront of the changes."

For more information on 6-11 Dental Studio and the opportunity to interview Vice-President Marc Shapiro, contact Heather Rose of Laurus Rose PR at (505) 227-7986 or 611dentalstudio@laurusrose.com.

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